The Maids

The Maid was my another great leap forward as an actor as well as a director. I developed the insight into the complexity of the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. By spending over 6 months as Claire, one of the sister maids who immerse themselves in the illusionary world, I experienced a metaphysical feeling of sadness yet anger, from which the marginalized might be suffering every day. I am grateful that I have realized the depth of Jean Genet’s play and how it pertains to our modern world as well as to the time the play was written. I am also proud that we, as a small company, have accomplished to communicate the story of two French sister maids here in Jeju, Korea. Now, let be me honest; It was INDEED an intense experience as a DP student, but the arduous works paid off on stage. This is why I do theatre. once you feel the thrill on stage, the exquisite silence that sweeps over the performance venue, and the long-lasting excitement both the actors and the audience feel throughout and after the performance, your pain is washed away. With that being said, I would like to thank everyone, including our director, actors, stage manager, Sayre staffs, and audience members, who made the performance possible. Thank you everyone for making me appreciate the value of collaboration. I will cherishingly take the lessons and skills that I have learned to the next stage, and by extension, the next phase of my life.


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