#8 Setting plans, rules goals

On Sept 26 and 29, our group had meetings to touch base upon our project.

Meeting Summary

Sept 26 - Sharing research materials and imageries inspired from the research
  •  JENNY
    • visit to 4.3. Peace Park
      • Erecting The “Blank” Monument: unsolved conflict between political parties and victims, the monument will not be erected until the political controversy surrounding 4.3 is resolved
      • Water as a purifier
    • Sia’s Music video
      • lots of hand choreography, repeated and abstract movements that signify an escalating insanity
      • use of color paints  i.e. red = blood stains
    • Light from the sides
      • light signifying the police chasing after the victims
      • grotesque sound after a sudden black out
      • laser lights in the darkness
    • Dance
      • experimenting with formation
      • rewinding the movements
    • Utilization of Anne Bogart’s the Viewponts
      • Object conveying a story without actors
      • Creating Architecure with Body
    • Ingredients of Great Compotision
      • Unexpected entrance
      • starting performance with curtains closed
    • Gecko’s production
      • use a frame as a mirror to show internal conflicts
  • Dayoung
    • Use of lighting
      • Light as a symbol of justice and darkness as a symbol of evil; people walking toward the darkness
    • Use of sound effects
      • mysterious sound echoing in the darkness; provoking fear and curiosity
      • use of Korean traditional drum(inspired from our workshop in the dance studio)
    • showing an intimate relationship with a mother and baby
      • hugging tightly
    • Starting with a ritual ceremony ‘gut
    • Intense scene – both physically and emotionally
Sept 29 - What is our ultimate purpose?
  • JENNY: 1) Comfort the victimized spirit (i.e. ritual) 2) et the audience to mull over the incident i/o forcing them to emotionally engage in the story (i.e. Like some of the audience who watched the Maids and spent the entire night interpreting it)
  • SUNNY: Dignity of humans
  • Dayoung: Offering balanced perspectives, touching on the essence of the incident (i.e. violence and war, humans’ evilness)
  • IRENE: 1) Incorporation of all ideas 2) free will
Basic ideas about the performance . . .

Debate topic 1. Expression of Sorrow

Will the characters be emotionally saturated at some point?

Yes No
DY: There should be at least 1 scene where sadness is shown clearly, with the aid of a disturbing noise and powerful movements. This will also contrast with the previous scenes or other sound effects such as lullaby. (i.e. Pansori) IR: Korean cultural concept ‘Han’ is a suppressed feeling of grief. Considering the subject matter, the performance mood does not necessarily have to go extreme even if it’s at a peak


JEN: The victims suffered in silence to hide themselves from the police force and communist soldiers. What made 4.3 much more tragic was the silence and placidity,  The performance will create a more powerful impact through a refined gesture (i.e. Pina Bausch’s performance – walking across the stage with an accordion).

Debate Topic 2. Chair performance and Hand choreography

Everyone has agreed upon inserting a performance where the actors only uses hand and facial expression to tell a story, sitting on the chair and the desk. However, we had to discuss the folioing question: when would be the best time to have the chair performance be?

 In the very beginning Not in the beginning
 Irene: chair performance should be in the beginning b/c tensuon will increase. Chairs should be placed downstage but depends on our way to deliver the topic.

Jenny: require Audience efforts to understand

Debate Topic 3

Traditional vs Contemporary

To what extend should Korean Traditional Elements be incorporated?

What is being traditional and being contemporary?

Dayoung: gut, korean drums, pansori  IR: Although our performance seems to be employing natural elements (e.g. water), the physical theatre itself is contemporary, so we don’t have to worry about it.
 Sunhee: look contemporary with a little bit of traditional elements  Jenny: middle ground between the two –> incorporating the two will make our show experimental

My idea for next meeting: Choosing an ideogram


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