#7 East West Center Sarajevo

About East West Center Sarajevo

  • non-for-profit yet mainstream cultural institution established in 2005 in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • seek collaboration with artist of different ethnicities
  • Aims to raise awareness of the importance of multiculturalism


Director Haris Pašović

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.31.31 PM.png

  • founder of the East West Centre in Sarajevo
  • famous for producing “Waiting for Godot”

Multiculturalism is not only a political issue, but it is way of a  spiritual development. We develop as human beings by having a dialogue with other cultures and different world views.


Famous Performances

  • William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (produced in 2005)
    • Internationally acclaimed to have a significant political and cultural impact in the Balkan region
    • Took creative approach by setting the play in the context of the Ottaman Empire
    • Artists from 8 countries joined
  • Class Enemy (produced in 2008)
    • written in 1970s when a country was close to becoming ungovernable
    • story of teens who grew up with conflicts
      • each character is a social outcast who suffers from: domestic/social conflicts such as parents died during war, alcoholic parent,
      • feeling of rejection parallels with the current situation in Bosnia
    • “In Bosnia today, this play speaks for us.” – Haris Pašović
    • consequence of growing up in a wild, vulnerable situation
      • A look into young generation’s psychology
      • actors grew up during the conflict
      • diverse ethic background brings different experience -CNN


CNN World report on East West Center Sarajevo


Works Cited – EW’s Website



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