#4 Stimulus + Stimulus = Inspiration


During class, we shared the artworks, performance videos, novels and background knowledge that served as an initial inspiration for us.
Applying the concept of exquisite pressure, we allotted only 5 minutes to each of the member (including Q&A time) and let the stimuli to create another idea.
  1. One person presents her stimuli
  2. Other people opines about other people stimuli
  3. We developed performance ideas based upon the initial stimuli.
Our group members : Jenny, DY, Irene, Sunhee
Jenny’s initial stimuli
  • The DV8 Physical Theatre ’s John : actors perform choreography as they are speaking (the Viewpoints – actors are committed to listening to their guts and responding to external stimuli)
  • Bertolt Brecht‘s Mother Courage and Her Childern – idea of historicizaion

Dayong’s stimuli
  • Brazilian Movie ’The City of God’
  • Sound effects – Amplification of the heartbeat sound by using a mic
  • The backdrop used in Sia’s chandelier music video
  • Manuel Pueig’s Kiss of the spiderman  conflictual relationship between the oppressed and the oppressed
  • exploring human ego from different perspectives while denying stereotypical human nature

Irene’s stimuli
  • Similar to DY’s in a broader sense
  • Philosophical message which explores the essence of humans
    • Determinism and Free will; exploration of human nature
    • What has triggered the war?
  • Human action is determined by the nature.
  • Causal relationship between human psychology and actions
  • –> Human commits moral turpitude of their own volition.
  • Theatre performance ‘Constellation

Sunhee’s stimuli
  • actors physically, spiritually going towards extremity
  • Gecko Theatre’s ‘The whole-hearted’: use of Fabrics , dancers behind the fabric
  • Gecko’s theatre’s experimental use of props (frame, glass, especially use of bright, glimmering frame in the darkness)

Having listen to all of our members idea, one incident came across my mind: the Jeju 4.3 Massacre. Jeju 4.3 massacre refers to a historical incident in Jeju island, South Korea, which a number of innocent Jeju residents were sacrificed in the midst of the battle between the police force and the armed left wing. Irene suggested exploring human’s malice through exploring the past events, an as a student born and studying in Jeju, i suggested that the tragedy of the 4.3. massacre would be a great theme to explore through theatre
Sung Dam Hong, Jeju 4.3.
[화랑가]미술계, 반세기 만에 제주4·3 진실을 캐다 20140407 Jinoh Wang, CNBJOURNAL CNB Media
Not everyone agreed upon my suggestion at first; they were reluctant to connect the performance with the locality; however, through further discussion, all of us reached consensus that the complexity of the massacre would be a thought-provoking topic for us as well as the audience. When it comes to the narrative, we decided to examine the issue from the perpetrators’ point of view to shed another light on the locally well-known incident. Rather than delivering the sentimentality of the victims, all of us wanted to take an unconventional approach whilst alarming the dreadfulness of the massacre. Conveying the story from the oppressors perspective not only gives performers more ability to manipulate the tension, but also the interesting, uncommon perspective will grab the audience attention. Considering that we somewhat narrowed down our theme to Physical theatre, such as the table and book dance in DV8 theatre’s John (my initial stimuli), we also believed that the physical movements that accompany the dialogue or soliloquy will further add interest to our performance.


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