#3 Company Research

DV8 Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre.  Delivers a conversational speech along with physically challenging choreography (doing a jump rope faster and faster as the monologue proceeds); but the movements and gestures are neither too literal nor abstract
Brilliant use of Sound. The sound effects make choreography more interesting.
Sociopolitical themes. The performance instigates sociopolitically sensitive issues, such as LGBT rights and Human Rights. Main characters present the narrative at a personal level
Experimental scenography. Reinforces the message through stage design. Use of technology, Projection as backdrop, Shadow effects.. buy not too ornate
Minimal Props. Props are part of choreography (Chairs/ a table and a book/ jump rope)!
Vocally strong. While the performance focuses on dance-based movements, the performers never lose their vocal strength.
Repetitious movements with some variations
DV8- To be “straight” with you (A story of a teenager gay who got stabbed by his brother)
My favorite one ! Actors use all parts of body to communicate the story of a boy at the margin

I O U Theatre
Irrational Gestures and Actions 
Grotesque sound effects. 
Less focus on actors. Actors barely speak. Instead of performers leading the performance, props play an important role in communicating its theme.
Avant-garde style. Ambiguous themes
IOU Theatre – Boundary
IOU- Tattoo
Glow-in-the-dark lighting

Yeonwoo Theatre Company
Performing its own pieces only. This is very unusual in South Korea, where western plays are prevalent in theatre industry. From 1940s, they have produced plays which are now introduced to Korean film industry.
Political Theatre(Theatre as resistance). During the Dark age of Korea, when the former president Chunghee Park dictated Korea for decades, the Yeonwoo theatre company satirized the Park regime by producing ‘Madang’, a Korean traditional outdoor theatre.
Criticism. Since 1990s, a new director has taken over the lead, revolutionizing the styles of theatre production. He produced contemporary plays and musicals that the theater company hadn’t tried.
No.1 Theatre Company of (relatively) long history The company has nurtured famous actors who are now working in the field of film or TV drama. Actors are versatile in stage acting, drama and films.

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