#2 Notes – Wow moments

Previously in theatre class..

introduced our strengths and interests to future teammates


sharing WOW moments (Peter Brook’s Pedagogy)

In a firm belief that each of our memory will help us to brainstorm for grouping, each of the classmates shared the most impressive moment from any theatre experience – plays, workshops, et cetera.

How did we do this? We closed our eyes first for 30 secs and thought of 1-2 moments that took our breath away.

not SLEEPING…. we are exploring our interior

 “When a performance is over, what remains? … The event scorches on to the memory an outline, a taste, a trace, a smell – a picture. It is the play’s central image that remains, its silhouette, and if the elements are highly blended this silhouette will be its meaning, this shape will be the essence of what it has to say. When years later I think of a striking theatrical experience I find a kernel engraved on my memory: two tramps under a tree, an old woman dragging a cart, a sergeant dancing, three people on a sofa in hell – or occasionally a trace deeper than any imagery.” (Brook 1968)

Peter Brook’s acid test was conducive to getting to know each other in depth. Interestingly there were some overlaps(e.g. being abstract, intensity), and so were differences:
Monologue In the Maids – Speed, Level of Tension (7th) The Encounter: When the protagonist goes insane and when the tension breaks (Ritualistic); Increasing Tension and the tension suddenly breaks, Primitive; Materilalism Juxtaposed with contemporary setting –> totally into the narrative The Factory – transition of space
The Maids – Sisters mirroring each other The Maids – TINA and Roh’s scene on the Bed
Pina Bausch – Carnation (Pink – Performer holding an instrument) Curious Incident of The Dog In the Nightime -Innovative Use of Technology ASIS – Roh’s Elasticity: Simple, Repetitious movement Stanislavsky’s SNOWSHOW – Use of Clothes hangers in an unexpected way (Viewpoints – Architecture)
Bullmond – Use of water The Crucible – Actors leading the performance without relying on props or technology .

Next was ‘gathering perspectives’.  We had a discussion about one specific performance that all of us have watched to see how our interpretations were different. All of us seemed to have similar ideas, but the level of critique differed:
Thoughts on Last year’s Collborative Project
– Use of Props would have been better: they were in hurry
– too explicit from the beginning
– didn’t like how they deliver message
Thoughts on NLCS’s Collaborative Project
– use of  wardrobe, black boxes …
– no specific wow moment
– the way they delivered the message (emotion) was not brilliant
– but impactful in a superficial sense
Thoughts on NLCS’s Autro Ui: Resistable rise of Autro Ui
Brechtian Theatre – Not audience -friendly,
use of the cardboards and signs – not necessary

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