Mother – Opening Sequence


I stumbled upon this video on Youtube. This video clip has been extracted from a movie called ‘Mother’, and the clip shows an opening sequence of the movie. ‘Mother’ is a movie about a killer who is psychologically unstable enough to carry out the murderous deed (Won Bin) and his mother (HyeJa Kim) trying to hide traces of her son’s murder. This dance is performed after the mother murders the eye-witness and sets a fire on his house. The covering of the face and mouth implies her guilt, because the mother is aware of the truth – her son is the culprit. I am impressed with the choreography here – I like the extreme stillness, her gestures and facial expressions, repetition.


One thought on “Mother – Opening Sequence

  1. One aspect I find useful (re our work on The Maids) is how absorbed she is in her fantasy (dance) – and how she pops out of it and there are flickers of her reality – and then she pops back into her fantasy – it is clearly an easier place to be. This will be helpful to the others too I think. Thank you for finding this clip.


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