You, Don Quixote

Watched a show called ‘You, Don Quixote’ at the Sayre Art Center nearby Jeju City Bus Terminal.
‘You, Don Quixote’is a 80 minutes of monodrama played by one Korean male actor ‘Seung Han Yang’ who plays ’Sancho Panza’. Yangis in charge of an hour and 20 minutes long show, accompanied only by one Foley artist.
Foley art is an emerging genre which produces sound effects out of non-instrumental objects. It is named after Jack Foley, who first devised this technique in Hollywoon.
How Foley art works
 Sancho, Don Quixote’s henchman who at first doesn’t tell who he is to the audience,re-enacts the adventure that he and his hero ‘Don Quixote’ went through. Sancho actively takes part in building the story by switching himself from Sancho to his superior, Don Quixote.
The show was using Brechtian alienation –
The actor suggests his own point of view about the story of ‘Don Quixote’, which is quite different from what readers of the book ‘Don Quixote’ typically think. The foley artist is on stage and reproduces sound effects for Sancho’s monodrama and adjusts the sounds to Sancho’s requests.
Another interesting thing is that this play is a trilingual play. The actor switches from standard Korean to Jeju dialect and vice versa. The foley artist talks in Daegu dialect, and this gets apparent when he intervenes in the play. His role is similar to ‘Gosu’ in Korean folk play called ‘Pansori’ – a man who adds sounds and words of encouragement.
To sum: a great show !!

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