Final Script

G11 Collaborative project – Express yourselves!

Scene #1 – Introduction (Director: Christina)

C: Welcome. Welcome. I am Chris Cho from Something laboratory. Today, we invited you here to help us in our laboratory! Thank you all for coming. I know you are all experts and have a lot of experience in the area where we need help.

I: Hello everyone, my name is Irene, and I am a scientist from Something Laboratory.

C: Before you enter our laboratory… Irene, can you take out the magic pot?

I: Yup! I’ve got it (Take out the glass jar filled with candies, show it to the audience, slowly so that the audience notice it – gather attentions)

C: These are the magic beans that enables you to see the things that are extremely small! Our laboratory works with things that are very, very, very difficult to see – luckily we have these magic beans to help you.

I: Before we hand these in to you, can you get into two lines so we can give each of you one?

Lines are set.

C: Now, we will give you the beans. They disappear if you leave it in the air too long, so please let it go straight into your mouth as soon as you get it! (EMPHASIS)

I:  Please!

(Chris and Irene will distribute the beans to the two groups.)

C: (When everyone finishes eating) Okay, now we are ready – We will go into the lab!

I: Are you ready? (Students respond) Then, let’s get in!

Chris leads in front of the first group. After Chris is gone, Irene will give the rest of the beans to the last group and go in with them.

Inside the laboratory:

Introduction Theme Music: Dream Productions –

C: In our Something laboratory, we usually look at animals and special creatures like mermaids, vampires, and werewolves. But in the past few years, we found some things wandering around the laboratory that we cannot identify at all. And that’s why we invited you to our laboratory.

I: This is very rare opportunity, because our laboratory is secret to all civilians, so you cannot tell anyone about all about the things that are happening inside the laboratory.

Can you promise that? Or I might have to wipe your memories. But I don’t want to do that. So please don’t tell anyone!

C: Please sit down in these seats. We will bring the subjects to you. We will do the leg work so you don’t need to move – relax but stay focused as we need your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Thank you.

I: Did everyone managed to sit down? Alrighty. Now I present the things to you. Since we do not have any information about them, we decided to call them 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

C:  Until now, these things did not harm anyone, but we need to be careful. We do not know anything about them. Okay, for further examination, let’s ask it some questions.

  • Do you have a name? (Roh)
  • How old are you? (Dayoung)
  • Do you have a family? (Tina)
  • Where are you from? (Sunhee)
  • What were you doing in our laboratory? (Jenny)

I: Why don’t you asks some questions as well? Who wants to try? (choose 2 people)

C: Well, due to the time limit we need to move on to the next thing. Before that, we would like to find names for these things and we have decided to use colours.

I: Why don’t you give me some colors for this creature? We are calling them in numbers, but that makes them sound like prisoners. So what kind of color does this creature suit?

C: Okay, you are ____COLOR____. Are you fine with it?

I: So you are ____COLOR_____. Now we will call you _____COLOR______!

C: Then let’s move on!


Next, we have thing number (  ). Just like we did with previous things, let’s ask more questions!

  • Do you have a name? (Roh)
  • How old are you? (Dayoung)
  • Do you have a family? (Tina)
  • Where are you from? (Sunhee)
  • What were you doing in our laboratory? (Jenny)

It’s now your turn to ask questions to this thing. Any volunteers?

Then let’s give this thing a name as well. Who can suggest some colors?

(When the thing agrees) Okay, you are ____COLOR____. Are you fine with it?

여기서는 improvisation하기

I: Now, let’s make sure that we remember all of their names before we go on.

C: So, this is (NAME), (NAME), and (NAME).

I: And here is (NAME) and (NAME).

C: This information is not enough, but don’t worry. We will now look at it one by one!

I: Let’s wait until everything except for (Name of #1) get out!

Sadness stays on the stage, everyone get out to backstage.

Scene #2 – Sadness (Director: Dayoung)

Character: Blue(Roh), Irene(narrator 1), Christina(Narrator 2), Hired friend(Sunhee), Potion expert, Dr. Park(Tina), Blue’s dead mother(Jenny)

(Music starts:

Irene: This is Lab 1. There is _________ in this lab. Everyone, please be quiet.

The thing sits alone in the cage

Christina: (Christina moves closer to Sadness. Sadness moves away from Christina in a slow tempo) It is alway chilly and humid around this creature. Can you feel it?

(Sadness keep doing sad movements.)

Irene: As I mentioned before, for several weeks, _________ does not do anything but moving slowly and sobbing all day. We thought it needed social interaction, so we hired some people to be its friends. (to the wings) Ms. Cho! Please come out.

(Sunhee come out, and stand next to Christina)

Christina: This is Ms. Cho, who we hired to be _________’s friend. She tried to be as friendly as possible, trying to start conversations and asking questions. However, _________ never responds to her. So Ms.Cho, can you please tell these experts what kinds of things you have tried to it?

Sunhee: I first asked _________ some questions. It answered by nodding and shaking head, but that was all. I then started talking about myself, but it looked uninterested. I also tried to find its interest and brought toys to play with. _________ showed some interest at first, but it did not go for long.

Irene: We tried hard, but nothing worked successfully. We need helps of  you experts. Can you please observe this thing and help it? Anyone?

(Bring one student into the cage. When the student tries to do something, Sadness  just keeps being sad. Let the student try different things for about 30 seconds, and make the student come out from the cage.)

Christina: (To the student) Can you please tell us what you think about this? What should we do to help poor _________?

Student: something something.

Christina: Okay, that is a good idea. thank you.

(Student go back to the audience seat. )

Tina: (walking out from the wing. With confidence) I have an idea.

(Everyone looks at Tina)

Irene: Oh, Doctor Park! Long time no see! How have you been? (To the audience) This is Dr. Park,  a potion expert who works with us!

Tina: Good thanks. Speaking about _________, I think we have to start from the beginning. We have to know where it came from, and why it started to be like this.

Irene: (Looking at Tina) Okay, what do you think we have to do to know that? It does not talk.

Tina: That is not a problem at all. I am just coming from a potion laboratory,and I created a potion that shows what’s going on inside one’s brain. We can look inside_________’s head so that we know what it thinks. Here is the potion. Let blue drink it. (gives the potion to Christina)

Christina: That is great!

Christina: (To Sadness) Come here _________. It’s okay. It’s okay. (Moves toward Sadness) Here. Drink it. It will make you feel better.

(Sadness drinks the potion reluctantly. Everyone freeze for 5 seconds.

Jenny walks in slowly and sits next to Sadness. It looks at Jenny sadly. Sadness starts sobbing. )

Irene:(Whispering) Oh, who is she?

Tina: I think she is what makes it cry.

Christina: (To Jenny) Hello? Hey~

Tina: It is no use calling her. This is something that is going on inside _________’s head. It is not real.

(Jenny gently hugs Sadness. She then leaves slowly. Sadness tries to hold her, but she ignores Blue and leaves. As Jenny disappear, Sadness’ sobbing grows bigger and bigger. The movement should be very slow and big- slow motion)

Christina: (To audience) Who is she? Who do you think she is?

Students: ____________

Irene: Yeh. It must be someone who _______ loved a lot. Losing someone who you love is heartbreaking. Maybe ________ always cries because she left ________.  (To ______) Are you crying because she left you?

________ nods its head and cries harder and harder

Irene: Oh.. _________.. It’s okay..It’s okay.. (Irene goes to Sadness and hugs and taps her gently. Blue cries in her arms for a while. )

Christina: (Looking at the audience)Can you guys help me calm her down with comforting words? Tell her “It’s alright, (NAME).”

The audience : “It’s alright, (NAME).” Sadness calms down a bit.

Irene: Who was the woman by the way?

Christina: It is the reason why (NAME) is crying. We will have to figure it out more, but this information will definitely help (NAME). Thank you, Dr. Park.

Tina: You’re welcome.

Irene: Okay guys. I did not expect this tour to take so long in Lab 1. I think this is enough in this room. We have many more things to show you. Let move on to Lab 2.

_______ exits

Scene #3 – Joy (Director: Tina)


Irene:  let’s get into Lab 2.

Chris: Oh! it’s so shiny and… messy. I am pretty sure this lab is the place for (color)

I: I have no idea about this room. I would rather call Dr.Kim to introduce this place.

C & I: (2 narrator say together) Dr.Kim! Dr.Kim!

3 sub come out to the stage like a military

2 sub spreaded out

Dr. Kim: hello my name is Dr.Kim. I have done research about this thing for 1 months and I have no idea what was happend. So here is what I have collected until nowadays.(Searching for document inside her pockets)OH! I forgot to bring my document. I will bring it as soon as possible! But if there are any problems like the thing tries to escape or hurt anyone else please call me, okay?

(When the children answer)

and what was my name again in 3 2 1 (Dr.KIM) good good i will be back in a minute 조급하게

sub1 exit

sub2,3 doze using whole body not just your head.

sub 3 drops stick

joy have it

Joy: (very curious, not hitting others for the purpose, but try to know more about to stick.(스틱에 끌려가는 기분으로, 얼굴을 내밀고 스틱을 따라가고 스틱을 돌릴때 스틱을 쳐다보면서 돌리기)

sub 2,3 다침

narrator: experts, who do we need to call?(Dr.KIM?)

sub 1:what what what was happened? what?what? no they are just dancing don’t worry, and make sure try to not prank me~ I said you should call me when serious problems occurred okay? please wait

sub1 exit

sub 2,3 in the position of lying down just point your arm toward the thing and say hey give it back

joy: 또때림

narrator: who do we need to call(아이들이 아무말도 안했을때만)

sub 1: hey thing hey came stay still!!

sub 2,3 무서워서 퇴장 아픈몸을 이끌고 무서운척

what was happened experts please someone tell me?

sub1: thank you

exactly, this is all of the things that i observed until now. Everyone next to this thing tend to do be hurt by her. It seems like the things’ purpose is not to hit somebody, it just seems like it has lots of curiosity

does anyone help to discover it by going inside the cage? you could be the first person in the world  to go to the cage

Yes you!! But to make sure do not touch her face

(after children experience)

sub1: how was it feel?

(children  blablabla)

sub1: anyone else?

(yes! children bala)

thank you

then how do you think you could fix it?

anyone else?

sub1: thankyou experts you guys are the most intelligent experts in the world~11

it really helped me a lot. I think I should look around for other creatures too

CREATURE 현지가 끌고나옴

(커튼 닫히고 다시 열리면서 나레이터 나옴)

Scene #4 – Anger (Director: Roh)

I: Now, let’s get into Lab 3, where our (NAME) stays.

Curtain opens

C: Why is this room so hot? what happened? oh there you are code -colour-

I:  Because you also should know how (NAME) is like… (Secretly) We will open the cage and let you have a closer look at it.

C: Now, Anger, move back  a little bit.

Anger does not respond.

C: Come on! go back. Quick!

Anger reluctantly moves back.

C: There!

I: (Indicating the audience) Now, you need to be very careful. We are going to let it out, and it might get quite… violent.

C: So, be mindful of this. We will open the cage….

Irene and Chris exchanges a look.

C: Now.

Irene bends down and opens the door in front. Anger comes out.

Anger moves around among the audience. When Anger tries to do something (anything) the narrators will follow the movement and react.

Gradually, Anger will get more angry, and when Anger becomes extremely violent, one of the two narrators will go up and pull her down and force her into the cage. Anger nudges and fights the narrators all the way.

I: (Exhausted) …Phew. That certainly was not a good idea.

C: Still, we’ve got to learn more about (NAME).

I : Well, that’s true. Can you guys please tell us what you have noticed from (NAME)?

After observing the interaction between the children and Anger, give the following questions to individual randomly (Examples below):

  • I saw you struggling with (NAME). What did you feel when she approached to you and hit you?
  • (To the person next to her) What do you think (NAME) hit her? What could possibly be its emotion right now?
  • What do

C: (Resite what the children have told us – e.g. So it seems pretty clear to us that (NAME) is now upset, and maybe that could be the reason why it tried to hit you…)

I: How about you? Have you had any moment when you were really angry, like Anger here?

(Pick one student) Yes, what was it? (Listen) Oh… Was it like this?

Irene claps, and the 3 subs come out and replay that scene. When climax, this time, Chris claps, and all of them freeze.

Chris : In this situation, how should (NAME) react to its friends?

(Pick one student) Okay, what do you think? (Listen) Got it. So you mean… (NAME) should act like… This!

Chris claps, and the actors come alive. Anger act as expert said and friends of anger reacts with that and resume the play


Chris : now, (NAME) knows how to act when it is angry from you guys

Irene : so let’s see how did it changed its attitude and observe it. who wants to observe it? (pick 5)

(walk walk walk – anger tries to hit again but notice and gesture ‘sorry’)

Chris : (to those 5) do you think _________ is kind of changed its attitude?

(answer – sit)

Irene : thank you for your professional guidance. Now let’s go to next lab and meet another thing!

(curtain closes)

Scene #5  (Director: Jenny)

Black box theatre.


(Curtains closed. The two narrators are on stage.)

I: Now we would like to introduce (the color code).

C: Why don’t you have a look at it now?

I: I hope it stays in the cage, though. I don’t know why, but it always tries to run away when we approach.

C: Alrighty. We’ve talked too much. So here it comes. Ta-da!

( Curtains open. However, there is nothing on stage. Embarrassed, the two narrators enter the stage again. )

I: Uh-oh, Wait a second. I think it has escaped from the cage.

C: Again? It always goes like this. What is wrong with it?

(While Chris is staring blankly at the cage, Irene looks around worriedly, then spots the audience)

I: (Addressing the audience) Oh, right. You guys! Could you help us out and find where it is ?

C: It will be here somewhere…I guess. If not, we have to check (emphasizes) ‘The Laboratory’.

I: You don’t know where our secret laboratory is? Don’t worry. (claps twice, The 3 emotions – joy, sadness, anger – appear)

These things and we will kindly guide you through the way.

C: Please the ___st row to stand behind (누구). (다 나오면) Then please leave. (다 하기)

(The narrators lead the procession while 3 characters are mixed in a group of children, displaying their personality.)

( As it might be chaotic to move all 52 children at the same time, 5 people excluding Jenny should be responsible for guiding 10 kids to the main stage. Particularly, the Anger can accompany Ms.Mor and be aggressive to Ms.Mor)

Entrance to the auditorium

Head out to the auditorium, wait in front of the door until everyone is present

Irene: Are you all here?

I: It is very sensitive, and it might run away if you make noises.

C: If you spot it, please don’t yell. Just raise your hand. Got it?

(Enter the main theatre)

The Laboratory

Lighting: Lights on.

Music: bland music.

Set: A/C off. 4 big pillars. Audience and actors on the same level.

I: (whispers) Again, children. If you see it, please raise your hand and tell us!

(The fear is hiding somewhere in the auditorium.)

Audience: There it is!

( Fear runs away.– The narrator and the audience chase it.)

Chris: Got ya!

Irene: Thank you, children. Now let us sit down and examine it. Please go down and sit in the chairs.

(The audience sits.)

C: Come one, boy. Introduce yourself to these experts!

(Fear runs away from the stage and hesitates to come out– It is peaking the audience behind the pillar.)

I: Hmmm… (facing the audience) Hey you guys, What do you think it feels now?

(if the children don’t respond, try to encourage them by asking : ” does it feel sad? does it look happy?” )

C: Yeah..i also think It has lost its confidence…  How can it feel brave and confident?

(The audience responses)

A: We’re gonna invite 3 people here to talk to it and cheer it up. Anyone wants to volunteer?

(invites 2-3 children to the main stage)

B: Now here we have 3 brave experts. I believe that you all can teach it how to be confident. Could you? Go and tell it how to be confident.

(The fear slowly yet hesitatingly comes to the front to listen to children’s advices)

(If nobody volunteers say – Maybe you can tell it it doesn’t have to be scared of us, tell it that you want to be a friend, tell ‘you’re special and precious’, breath deeply !, encourage it!etc..)

Irene: Now it seems it is gaining confident. But it maybe not… Anyways, thank you, children. Please go back to your seat.

(3 children are sent back to their seat)

Irene: We should find out how it’s feeling now. How ’bout asking whether it feels confident now ?

Chris: Oh, why don’t we do it all together? It will cheer it up more. On the count of 3, let’s ask ‘are you confident?’ to (name)

Irene: Ready? 3, 2, 1 !

Audience asks, and the Fear doesn’t respond.

Chris: We will have to try once more, but Much Louder! Ready?

Irene: 3, 2, 1

The audience asks one more time. The fear nods slowly.

Chris: Then let’s give it a big round of applause!

Irene: Woo-hoo!

Music fades in ( ) and the Fear dances. Music fades out. The scene ends.

Scene #6 (Director: Sunhee)


Jealousy quietly comes in from the back of audiences seats, being jealous at an audience’s object (surprise them!)

Then walk around audiences’ seats, still being jealous at everything. (only box is on the stage – audiences will like “what is happening?”

Jealousy gets an object from Roh and Tina while they are playing around with it.

Tina: NNOOOO that is not yours!! Give it back!!!

Jealousy goes into the box with it where others can’t go in. She destroys the thing. Roh and Tina move at the rhythm of Jealousy destroying.

Roh & Tina: Stop please STOP!!!

다찢고 젤러씨는 그물건을 다 썼다는 듯이 날린다. 로와 티나는 그것을 보고 좌절 한다.

Roh: 으어ㅓ어ㅓ……..ho…..my_ (something)______…….

Dayoung suddenly comes out from audiences’ seats, acting confident and joyful

Dayoung: “please be focus on your thing, not being stolen by that thing” 하면서 “I think I am the one who can defend my thing from that. Experts! Who wants to have a bet with me about defending your object, not being stolen by that thing?” (오늘리허설한대로 잘했고 그거대로하고, “stand around the circle and put your candies on the floor.”

Narrator: “participants, you can’t touch either of your thing or that thing.” (call 4-5 people) “You lose the game as soon as you touch either of those two” If you win, you can have your object(candy).”

젤러씨가 애들한테 사탕을 나눠준다.

Narrator: Since all of you tried hard to solve these things’ problem, I think _(color)____ wants to give all presents.

While they are eating candies, having fun time with it, slowly, quietly curtains go down.

At the end of Sunhee’s scene, when we give out the candies, music would come out.

The music ends.

Scene #7 (Director: Irene)

(CONTRAST between the first scene and the last scene – how it changed)

A new music (slow and bright – comes out.

Slowly, the curtains open. On the stage middle, there are 5 boxes, and the five emotions stand on each of them. Freeze frame.

We will let the audience examine the emotions. When the music fades out in the middle (1:00), Irene will come out to the stage.

She almost runs into the stage from the left wing, mumbling something while staring into a wristwatch, and it looks as if she is in a hurry. She walks fast toward the audience, and then stops in the upstage middle (Right in front of the audience), looks around, then smiles when she notices the audience.

Irene: (Extending arms to the audience) Ooh, there you are! Gosh, I had to meet with Chris in the main lab by the end of the day, and look, I lost my way. Can you believe this? In my laboratory!

By the time Irene finishes saying the line, Chris walks into the downstage and is visible by the audience but not by Irene.

Irene: Maybe you could help me looking for her?

(If the audience does not answer immediately, Irene should walk closer to the audience and try to ask them questions about Chris)

Chris sees Irene, sighs, and waits for Irene to look back at her with her arms crossed. (한심하다는 듯 바라보기)

For the first few answers given by the audience, Irene won’t look back. However, when the children becomes more actively engaged in the process, Irene will look back. When she does, she will overreact by showing an extreme surprise.

Irene: ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: What are you doing here?

Irene: Oh… I was looking for you just now.

Chris: Alright.

Irene: Where are the Things?

Chris: (어이없음) They are right behind you.

Irene: (Finds them) Oh.

Chris: Well, children. This is the last room. The main laboratory.

Irene: Yes. This is where all of us meet and check the progress of the experiments. And we are here to see how our experiments has gone with all of your helps! I am so excited to see the result!

Chris: I know the result.

Irene: Really?

Chris: Yeah. (To the audience) You remember how the emotions were like before?

Irene: Well, I do. (Walking toward the characters) (NAME of the Fear) was always scared. it was embarrassed to stand in front of a large crowd.

(NAME of the Sadness) was lost in her sorrow… It cried for 12 hours a day.

(NAME of the Anger) was annoyed by nearly everything! Because of that, it was so violent.  

(NAME of the Joy) was a good lad, but it was just too excited. It was often overwhelmed by its own emotion, and hurt the people in the lab.

(NAME of the Jealousy)… was anxious about what it could have and couldn’t have, so it stole the others’ items.

Chris: Well, you’ll be surprised to hear the result then. (Pretending to read the result, but look at the audience after speaking about each emotion)

First of all, (NAME of the Fear) has now become confident! It knows how to walk, stand, and dance confidently in front of people!

the Fear changes its movement from fearful to confidence

(NAME of the Sadness) fell in despair because the woman left it, but it feels better now, because of your efforts to cheer it up!

the Sadness faintly smiles, looks comfortable, silently happy

On the other hand, (Name of the Anger) and (Name of the Joy) have found a way to stay controlled!

the Anger looks proud to be controlled, stays broad but not angry. the Joy looks satisfied and happy, joyful! (Jumps)

Lastly, (Name of the Jealousy) does not steal the others’ possessions anymore. It learned the gratitude – to be grateful about everything.

the Jealousy looks more calm and satisfied.

Irene: Wow… That is excellent! I think I can already see how they have changed from the experiment!

Chris: (Looking at Irene) Oh, how about this! Because our result is extremely satisfactory, we can celebrate this with a short game!

Irene: Great idea! Then… Let’s play the game! (Extending the arms)

“Game” is the cue – music ( will be played. The narrators go back to the backstage.

(Choreography – One by one, the emotions will become alive)

0:03 (Flute) – Start from the Sadness – come out, pose and stop at 0:06 (살짝 비켜주기 )

0:06 – the Joy – pose and stop at 0:10

0:10 – the Anger – Keep going, but when the music stops, you stop, move, then stop.

0:16 – The rest become alive, get in a “train” (칙칙폭폭 자세로 박자에 맞춰 무대 돌아다니기)

0:24 – The narrators run back on the stage, get attention from the emotions, give gestural instructions (slowly so that the children can understand)

At the end, everyone moves out of the stage (몰래몰래, 놀리려고) and only joy is left on the stage. (엉덩방아 찧으면서 끝나든, 넘어지면서 끝나든 둘중 하나로)

Conclusion: the emotions learn to harmonize

Two options for the ending:

  1. Suggested or Complete Ending: The extremity of each emotions is solved through harmonization of all the characters (CHOSEN!)
  2. Open Ending: The actors entirely or partly rely on the choice of the children to solve the problems.

Prop list

Scene 1 (Intro): Jellybeans

Scene 2 (Sad): Potion, Lab coat (5)

Scene 3 (Joy): The stick for Roh

Scene 4 (Anger):

Scene 5 (Fear): The blockings (black sheet)

Scene 6 (Jealousy): Candies, something to make a circle (Rope or tape)

Scene 7 (Ending): Five boxes to stand on,

How about adding the theme musics at the start of each scene (For each emotion)? Here’s my suggestion:


Joy: Imagination Land –

Anger: Riled Up –

Fear: Dream a little nightmare (Slow at first and becomes faster as if it is being chased by something) –

Jealousy: The Forgetters –


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