Scene #6 Jealousy , Scene #7 Conclusion

At the weekend we had an extra rehearsal to put final touches on our performance – We therefore continued scene 6 and discussed what the denouement would look like. We also ran through the scenes.

So Far We’ve decided

Scene #6 (Director: Sunhee)


Jealousy quietly comes in from the back of audiences seats, being jealous at an audience’s object (surprise them!)

Then walk around audiences’ seats, still being jealous at everything. (only box is on the stage – audiences will like “what is happening?”

Jealousy gets an object from Roh and Tina while they are playing around with it.

Tina: NNOOOO that is not yours!! Give it back!!!

Jealousy goes into the box with it where others can’t go in. She destroys the thing. Roh and Tina move at the rhythm of Jealousy destroying.

Roh & Tina: Stop please STOP!!!

Roh: ……..ho…..my_ (something)______…….

Dayoung suddenly comes out from audiences’ seats, acting confident and joyful

Dayoung: “please be focus on your thing, not being stolen by that thing” 하면서 “I think I am the one who can defend my thing from that. Experts! Who wants to have a bet with me about defending your object, not being stolen by that thing?”, “stand around the circle and put your candies on the floor.”

Narrator: “participants, you can’t touch either of your thing or that thing.” (call 4-5 people) “You lose the game as soon as you touch either of those two” If you win, you can have your object(candy).”

Narrator: Since all of you tried hard to solve these things’ problem, I think _(color)____ wants to give all presents.

While they are eating candies, having fun time with it, slowly, quietly curtains go down.

At the end of Sunhee’s scene, when we give out the candies, music would come out.

The music ends.

Before directing the scene,  Irene provided us with two possible options:

Conclusion: the emotions learn to harmonize

  1. Suggested or Complete Ending: The extremity of each emotions is solved through harmonization of all the characters (CHOSEN!)
  2. Open Ending: The actors entirely or partly rely on the choice of the children to solve the problems.

We’ve chosen the first option, as there has been a concern regarding the second option, as children’s suggestion might be quiet different from what we expect from them to suggest. The first option included choreography in the end, however, we’ve decided to put ‘Grandmother’s footstep’ instead due to time constraint. I ascertain that our target audience will enjoy the Grandmother’s footstep, based on my observation on children during lunchtime : I sawed junior school students and their teachers playing Gradmother’s footstep while they were going to the cafeteria for lunch.

Scene #7 (Director: Irene)

(CONTRAST between the first scene and the last scene – how it changed)

A new music (slow and bright – comes out.

Slowly, the curtains open. On the stage middle, there are 5 boxes, and the five emotions stand on each of them. Freeze frame.

We will let the audience examine the emotions. When the music fades out in the middle (1:00), Irene will come out to the stage.

She almost runs into the stage from the left wing, mumbling something while staring into a wristwatch, and it looks as if she is in a hurry. She walks fast toward the audience, and then stops in the upstage middle (Right in front of the audience), looks around, then smiles when she notices the audience.

Irene: (Extending arms to the audience) Ooh, there you are! Gosh, I had to meet with Chris in the main lab by the end of the day, and look, I lost my way. Can you believe this? In my laboratory!

By the time Irene finishes saying the line, Chris walks into the downstage and is visible by the audience but not by Irene.

Irene: Maybe you could help me looking for her?

(If the audience does not answer immediately, Irene should walk closer to the audience and try to ask them questions about Chris)

Chris sees Irene, sighs, and waits for Irene to look back at her with her arms crossed. 

For the first few answers given by the audience, Irene won’t look back. However, when the children becomes more actively engaged in the process, Irene will look back. When she does, she will overreact by showing an extreme surprise.

Irene: ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: What are you doing here?

Irene: Oh… I was looking for you just now.

Chris: Alright.

Irene: Where are the Things?

Chris:  They are right behind you.

Irene: (Finds them) Oh.

Chris: Well, children. This is the last room. The main laboratory.

Irene: Yes. This is where all of us meet and check the progress of the experiments. And we are here to see how our experiments has gone with all of your helps! I am so excited to see the result!

Chris: I know the result.

Irene: Really?

Chris: Yeah. (To the audience) You remember how the emotions were like before?

Irene: Well, I do. (Walking toward the characters) (NAME of the Fear) was always scared. it was embarrassed to stand in front of a large crowd.

(NAME of the Sadness) was lost in her sorrow… It cried for 12 hours a day.

(NAME of the Anger) was annoyed by nearly everything! Because of that, it was so violent.  

(NAME of the Joy) was a good lad, but it was just too excited. It was often overwhelmed by its own emotion, and hurt the people in the lab.

(NAME of the Jealousy)… was anxious about what it could have and couldn’t have, so it stole the others’ items.

Chris: Well, you’ll be surprised to hear the result then. (Pretending to read the result, but look at the audience after speaking about each emotion)

First of all, (NAME of the Fear) has now become confident! It knows how to walk, stand, and dance confidently in front of people!

the Fear changes its movement from fearful to confidence

(NAME of the Sadness) fell in despair because the woman left it, but it feels better now, because of your efforts to cheer it up!

the Sadness faintly smiles, looks comfortable, silently happy

On the other hand, (Name of the Anger) and (Name of the Joy) have found a way to stay controlled!

the Anger looks proud to be controlled, stays broad but not angry. the Joy looks satisfied and happy, joyful! (Jumps)

Lastly, (Name of the Jealousy) does not steal the others’ possessions anymore. It learned the gratitude – to be grateful about everything.

the Jealousy looks more calm and satisfied.

Irene: Wow… That is excellent! I think I can already see how they have changed from the experiment!

Chris: (Looking at Irene) Oh, how about this! Because our result is extremely satisfactory, we can celebrate this with a short game!

Irene: Great idea! Then… Let’s play the game! (Extending the arms) 


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