Joy and Anger

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.10.24 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.10.37 AM


  • Dr.Kim introduces Joy.
  • When Dr.Kim goes off-stage for some reasons, Joy starts to annoy and hurt the two soldiers
  • When Dr.Kim re-appears, Joy pretends as if nothing happened.
  • Dr.Kim goes off-stage again
  • Joy hurts the two soldiers again
  • After noticing the problem thanks to the audience’s witness, Dr.Kim scold Joy and requests the audience to observe Joy.

Things to work on…

  • putting an exquisite pressure on others is not happening because;
    • we are anxious and burdened of the performance
    • we are rushing
      • actors need to listen to and follow director’s instructions
  • Time management skills (as a class)
    • the economy of time: need to allocate limited time efficiently for productivity
    • today we devoted our given time solely to Tina’s piece(JOY), which was why we couldn’t go through scene #3.
    • No More Procrastination!!
  • Characterization of Dr.Kim in Scene #2 – JOY
    • decided to change its name from Dr.Ku to Dr.Kim (named after myself)
    • Is she a geek or an idiot?
      • Geek
    • Is she pompous or chattery?
      • Chattery, Jolly
      • Inspiration: Mr. Wayne Hodgkinson (DP Bio Teacher)
    • Is she dominant over Joy?
      • She will contend with identifying joy and its emotional disorder.
    • How is she different from other characters ( narrators/emotions/..) ?

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