The performance commences on next WEDNESDAY !!!

Overall Plan (50 mins in total)

  • Outside Intro ( 5-7 mins. directed by Chris)
  • Body (7-8 mins per scene)
    • Sad (Actor: Roh, Director: Dayoung)
    • Joy (Actor: Dayoung, Director: Tina)
    • Anger (Actor: Tina, Director: Roh)
    • Fear (Actor: Sunhee, Director: Jenny)
    • Jealousy (Actor:Jenny, Director: Sunhee)
  • Conclusion (5 mins. directed by Irene)

Story Mountain for PYP performance

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.14.56 AM

I suggested setting an explicit narrative, so that our target audience can easily follow the storyline and therefore, feel more desired to engage with the story and performance. So here’s our initial plan:

  • Scene 1: Introduction to emotions and their emotional problems. (Exposition)
  • Scene 2-3: The problems are getting exacerbated. (Rising Action)
  • Scene 4-5: The audience will watch the story reaching the pinnacle of the problem. (Climax)
  • Scene 6: The audience has collected all clues to solve the problems (Falling Action)
  • Scene 7: All the problems are resolved thanks to the audience’s help. The story ends. (Denouement)

We’ve decided that each emotion has a certain emotional disorder (excess of emotion, lack of emotion, etc) and it has been causing chaos to the world. As Irene suggested, the problems that emotions have will vary under the concept of our message that dominance of one emotion can be lessened by the consonance of all emotions. However, our ending message might alter a bit depending on feedback we will get from Ms.Mor.

Scripts (tentative)

Scene 1

  • Outside the lab

(Christina is greeting the audience outside of the laboratory. She starts introducing the control tower and the problems that the laboratory has faced.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.49.03 PM
script from:

(The audience, who got minimized or obtain certain abilities, enters the control tower)

  • Inside the lab
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.51.33 PM
Script from:

(Each emotion is individually dragged to a different bamboo cage and introduced to the audience by Irene. While being drifted, the actors that represents an emotion should come out to the stage as a character.)

Script from:
Script from:

(Each emotion is given a color by the audience and interacts with the audience as the character as well.)

(Black Out. Every actor leaves the stage except for sadness)

Scene 2

(Blue music. Sadness is seated forlornly on the ground. The two narrator appears the stage again, sniffing)




(Three scientists appears without a mask on their face. They try to observe sadness and realize that they cannot go inside the boundary.)


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