Humanization # PYP Express Yourself

An Inspirational actor from a K-Movie  “A werewolf boy”

This movie is set in a countryside of Korea, where a girl named “Sun-e” stumbles upon an uncivilized boy who has lived with wildlife – particularly with wolves. (Spoiler Alert – this guy turns out to be a werewolfThe girl tames the boy from A to Z, by teaching how a human behaves . The boy slowly but surely learns what it is like to be a human after meeting this girl. According to his interview, the actor who acted out The Boy said that he had an observation on stray dogs around his town so that he could act a boy who has never met a human and believes he’s a wild animal. This resembles the training we’ve been doing, as he tries transformation from an animal into a real human in the film.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.37.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.40.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.39.16 PM


The interaction between two animal-ish humans gets interesting when the audience can see the interaction between the two different humans clearly.

  • For example, Roh kept pushing/seducing me while I remained hostile and vigilant.

Leaving stage is not allowed because it is an escapement from stage as well as the audience.

  • When I was performing the interaction between orangutan and armadillo with Roh, I left the stage by calling out “Police!” because I wanted my performance to be farcical.
  • However, that appears to be illegal in theatre!
  • If I wanted to avoid the situation you face during the performance, I should have came back eventually or chosen different ways to escape the scene, such as giving a phone call to the police.

I’ve realized a performance gets chaotic when performers don’t find the similarities between the Basel masks they’re wearing and the animals they’re trying to incorporate to the masks.

  • In this case, further research is needed to find an intersecting point between the characteristics of a mask and of an animal you’ve chosen.
  • If there’s not any single similarity, consider to alter the animal.

Balance between a human and an animal.

  • More humanization for some people, more de-humanization (animalization) for other people.

Composition of the PYP workshop

My proposal – A Doll’s House

Children are wizards, they are given a role to revive dolls in the Doll’s House.  Before entering the BBT, children are told that the dolls which once had feelings no longer have now, as the king of wizard, who used to operated the house, passed away. Hence, they are told that they are the heroes who will save this dying house.

(We can ask students to dress like a scientist or hero so that their outfit will fit with their roles.)

The curtain will reveal the dolls, the dolls don’t move unless the audience find their own name and characteristics.

BBT Configuration


The audience’s role as a group of wizards/scientists/emotion experts is to match the given name&emotion cards with the dolls.

  1. Goofy Fatty
  2. Bragging Charles
  3. Frightening Military
  4. Nervous/Fearful Idiot
  5. Lazy Sloth
  6. Curious Lizard

It the audience gets the actor’s name and characteristics correctly, the doll will come to a life and display its personality. If not, the doll will remain inert.

After the match-up activity, now it’s the time for the audience to put themselves in each character’s shoe. The narrators will encourage volunteers giving it a whirl to wear a mask and introduce him/herself as the character.

How it is linked with the Key components?

  1. Emotion – Understanding of divergent emotions existing in people’s minds
  2. Enjoy – Enjoy the performance, enjoy the process of solving the issue
  3. Self-expression – Being exposed to new settings and experiencing

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