Animals in Humans


Animals – Basel Masks Match up

Overall Feedback
  • Both need to be specific with characterization.
  • A through research is needed to precisely portray the animals.
    • An actor should be aware of…
      • How it eats/walks/sleeps/communicates/reacts to humans

Research – Animals that matches Larval Masks

Fatty (Pig)

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.46.40 AM

– Tension is in between Catatonic and laid back

– Moves in a lazy manner

– Can’t handle its body:  Once it falls to the ground it never gets back up.

Goofy; If this is transformed into a piggy human, the human should hunch his/her shoulder.

Pigs can’t stare up the sky **INTERESTING FACT

Little lethargic


Hands are attached and in front of the chest with palms facing the chest.

Extreme stillness and hush – its body never moves when still

Enjoys gazing at the view – with its body extreme still and head rolls


Hands are bent.

Feels itchy due to fleas, always tickles its body; especially hands are always on its stomach

Maneuvers around

back: hunched forward with shoulders

Sounds and Postures:


Solemn face – No Facial expression

Marches in a slow, grave manner.

Always faces front

Extreme Stillness

Commanding, strict, stubborn &tough

Diffuses aura when marching

Sloth (Sloth)

Walks in a slow and lazy manner.

Afraid of other species; hostile


Droops its shoulder, head, arms

Lizard (Lizard)

Extreme stillness to Extreme Fast Walk


hostile to bigger species


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