A Proposal for PYP workshops

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3 key elements I’ve picked are as below:


The main purpose of this unit is to foster interaction between students and the world through a communication of such ideas and feelings.


Their expression shouldn’t be limited to certain types or forms. We can’t mold or force students to express what we want. Our role in this workshop is to trigger and foster their desire to express themselves.

Being Ready

Be imaginative, creative and innovative. (+acceptive and confidence)

PYP Workshop Scenario

Before entering the black box theatre, G2 students will be informed that they are specially invited to the emotion control tower. As they enter the black box theatre, they will see some actors crouching. The instructor will introduce the actors, or emotions, one by one and students will have to wake each actor up. Depending on the traits that the emotions have, some emotions will wake easily up or while other emotions will hesitate and feel intimidated to face a throng of kids. Some emotions can appear on stage from unexpected entrances, such as the curtains or doors. The actors will reveal who they are by displaying their characteristics. Considering that they will be all wearing a mask, they are not allowed to speak or make any sound.

The 6 emotions are..

  1. Goofy Fatty
  2. Bragging Charles
  3. Frightening Military
  4. Nervous/Fearful Idiot
  5. Lazy Sloth
  6. Curious Lizard

After the introductory meeting, the audience will pair up( or group) emotions in accordance with their wants. To manipulate the emotions, the audience will have to physically pair the actors up by communicating with them. The emotion groups start improvisation in a requested order. The improvisation is a pre-show to aid the target audience in comprehending each character in depth.

The real show will be a impromptu performance. In prior to the performance, students will be asked to write a story, or write about something that happened to them in recent days. As their are certain emotions, the audience will given a template or be required include given terms. The actors will create a performance based on the story they will have written on their diary.

+ If kids will be given a task, they will be more willing to solve a task.

+ Giving each one of them identity and specific ability .

– We can ask students to dress like a scientist or hero so that their outfit will fit with their roles.


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