The First Class As A DP Theatre Student + Research

My feelings

Today’s orientation and viewpoint practice rekindled my interest and passion in theatre. We spent quality time on listening about how the DP theater curriculum works and got motivated by the proud results of the past G12 group.

Once we finished choosing a soundtrack for future warm-ups, we moved right on to the Viewpoints performance. However, most of people including myself found difficulties in connecting themselves to the group. The challenge that we confronted was to start, pause and resume simultaneously. The more we were conscious of the simultaneous start and pause, the more the performance got distracted. Also I heard two opposite theories why we felt different from the very first viewpoint in G10.

A. When we are asked to perform the Viewpoints under some instructions or specific requirements, we are distracted because we tend to adhere too much to the instructions. Unlike the past, our brain is crammed with too much information on the Viewpoints, therefore, we now feel it more difficult to include or exclude a certain element when Viewpointing.

B. Because we’ve practiced Viewpoints for countless times, we are adroit enough to generate a strong energy on stage and captivate the audience. The experience we gained over the past year is a enhancer of performance. It also allow us to be compatible with various situations we face.

My opinion had leaned on to the former but then changed to the latter after a careful contemplation.


How we express ourselves?


G1(now G2) Students are considered to be able to shape ideas, thoughts and feelings based on information taken in from outside. In this unit, students are exposed to an opportunity to express their ideas and inner feelings through arts (including drama). The main purpose of this unit is, therefore, to foster interactions between students through a communication of such ideas and feelings.

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A group of IB school students consists of individuals from all around the world. Even though a high proportion of Branksome Hall Asia students are Korean, BHA is apparently a diverse school that has a decent amount of international students. According to the IBO, the ideal outcome is that students learn the efficient way to communicate not only with the classmates whom share the same language and culture, but also with the classmates with different language and culture backgrounds. The other expectation is that students’ inner growth through this unit facilitates their “interaction” with others.

Students are apt to encounter a challenge when they are thrown into a situation when they are left with no choice but to communicate someone in languages other than their mother tongue language. Their language usages and communication ability are then deteriorated. However, students who undertake this unit are looked forward to overcome the language and culture barriers when communicating.

One Sentence Summary

After learning how to organize themselves, Students are able to interact with others, expressing and sharing feelings and pictures in their minds.


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