Physical Communication

Tina’s Exercise was to respond to other person.

  1. Two people stand facing each other.
  2. One person initiates the action. *The action should be simple but abstract.
  3. The other person takes in and responds to the action through improvising another simple action.
  4. The physical dialogue continues and develops as two people alternate actions.

I paired up with Dana and initiated the performance by raising my right arm.

Jenny ( hereafter ‘J’) : Raised a right arm, facing Dana

Dana ( hereafter ‘D’) : Sat behind Jenny, swinging her right arm horizontally

J : Sat in front of Dana, swinging her own right arm horizontally to hold Dana’s hand

D : Stood up, facing the audience

J : Cuddled Dana’s legs

D: Escaped from Jenny. Stood up and bent her right knee.

J: Stood up and bent her left knee

D: Crouched

J: Leaned toward Dana who were crouched

D: Stood up , raising both arms

J: Laid down, stretching both arms in the opposite direction to legs

D: Raised Jenny up

The exercise aided me in:

  1. Coming out of an impulse in relation to the other person (Kinesthetic Response)
  2. Remembering the actions and sequence (Developing kinesthesia)
  3. Showing a wide range of emotions while speeding up the actions

Today’s exercise reminded me of ‘Cafe Muller‘ by Pina Bausch. The woman with a white dress shows her obsession with the man with a blue shirt by having a physical contact with him. Her obsession is amplified as the other man with a black attire manipulates her. When I was performing with Dana, I tried to incorporate the concept of this performance into ours. The quality of the performance increased as we began to repeat the phrase and speed up the movements.



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