A Midsummer Night’s Dream




1. In Athenes, Theseus, the duke of Athenes, is preparing for his wedding to the queen of Amazones. Prior to his marriage, he hears that Hermia is violating Athene’s law by refusing to marry Demetrius, whom is brokered by her his father. Hermia loves Lysander, so the two lovers flee Athenes and are headed to a wood. Helena, who used to be in a relationship with Demetrius, tells their plot to Demetrius. 2. Oberon the king of the fairy instructs Puck the fairy to cause his wife Titania to fall in love with the first creature she shall see after she wakes up. Puck squeezes the juice of the magic flower into eyes of Titania as well as Lysander by mistake. Lysander falls helplessly in love with Helena. 3. Puck turns Bottom’s head into the head of an ass. Bottom’s song awakens Titania and she falls helplessly in love with the ass. Oberon causes Demetrius to fall in love with Helena. Chaotic, the four lovers began to quarrel. 4. The lovers awaken to the love of their proper partners. Bottom believes the the events are a dream 5. Theseus gets married. Lysander and Hermia, Hermia and Demetrius are married. Bottom and his craftsmen perform their ridiculous play.


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