History Revelation

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Clarified Instructions

I was able to design the workshop after 30 minutes of talking with Ms.Mor. My understanding of the exercise got much deeper and clearer.

First Exercise

  1. Allocate keyword(theme), present your feeling towards the theme to the audience
    1. Keyword could be about relationships/experiences/physical impacts
  2. As an individual, walk across the stage, stand in the middle and show how you contain/carry your history in your body
    1. Are you frightened, grateful, exhausted, happy?
    2. Show how the given word has influenced and shaped performers
    3. Do not act and exaggerate
    4. Show how you think and feel about your relationships, experience, and etc
    5. The tempo is restricted to pedestrian so that the performers don’t act.
    6. Duration of stillness depends on each performer.

Second & Third Exercise

  1. Write down 3 key relationships, 3 experiences, 3 physical impacts that has influenced on yourself and your history
  2. Using the your own raw materials, do the exercise again
    1. Your walk and emotions will be the combination of all the factors


Based on what Ms Mor suggested, I summarized my plan and created keywords that will be allotted to students tomorrow.

Click here to read my document

Then, I sent an email to the class so they can be prepared for the upcoming exercise which will led exclusively by me. 

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How this exercise is used in theatre and Pina's work?

The exercise is helpful in following ways:

  • Gives underlying structure/idea of the performance
  • Coalesces some of the energy and create more performance images
  • As Pina drew on her own and her performers’ full range of experience in her performances and choreograph, the exercise is designed to draw on the experience of the people and take advantage of it for the sake of theatre.



Giving instructions
Giving instructions
Clara - Best Friend
Clara – Best Friend
Chris - Sibling
Chris – Sibling
Ms Mor - her two Chihuahuas, Ruby and Tan Tien
Ms Mor – her two Chihuahuas, Ruby and Tan Tien


  • Even though they were confused at first, students were able to display and empathize emotions.
    • The lesson turned out to be successful when the audience got to know the actor’s feeling.
    • The exercise was developed when Ms Mor added Pina-ish music.
  • Coping with the students who didn’t have something to do with their keyword was a challenge.
  • The lesson could have improved if i prepared and provided more examples and music.


Climenhaga, R., Pina Bausch, Routledge, UK, 2009


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