Lady, Eve, Witch and You

Ms Mor led today’s session as we didn’t have materials for Minju’s exercise.

What Occurred?

We heard an interesting story in terms of history and memories – a girl who has a severe and unidentified pain in her leg turned out to be affected by the memory of her grandmother who had the same pain in the same leg.

My history is natural. It is, therefore, irresistible. When I am asked to be myself on stage, all I need to do on stage is presenting my history to the audience truthfully.

We as a witch group and as a whole class did the Viewpoints, but the difference was that we had to describe the following keywords – lady, the Three Witches, Eve and “You”. Since there was one more requirements given to us, we forgot the essential of the Viewpoint practice, which was an extreme tempo. After we were informed that we were being pedestrian, we fixed our tempo and resumed the viewpoints. Our lady like gesture reminded Ms Mor of DVB’s performance, which was worthwhile to watch.

Then we stood in a Pina’s line and copied Eve. All the actors were supped to feel united when they’re doing the same gesture. However, we were all different when we were imitating Eve’s unnatural posture. More practice is needed to improve our kinesthesia. There are 3 ways to improve the quality of Eve performance.

  1. Practice all together with a mirror
  2. Imitate a performer who copies Eve’s gesture most accurately
  3. One person in a group manipulates the rest

DV8 – Strange Fish

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.09.28 PM


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