Patsy Rodenburg

Why I Do Theater

When Patsy Rodenburg was doing the book tour in Australia, she saw the man in the suit who didn’t seem to be part of the audience. Patsy decided to meet the man, and so did he since he came up to her. He said that he does not like theatre, and he does not like an actress in Women of Troy who made a sound after she loses her son. The sound made by the actress embraced him because he made the same sound when he was told that his daughter has been raped and murdered


What is the purpose of theatre? I regarded theater as a performing art that amuses people.  After watching her speech, I’ve formed new perspective of theatre and its purpose. Her speech has opened up a new vista for why people do theatre.

The audience might frown out of anger or disgust, it the actors remind the audience of the situation where the audience felt angry or disgusting. Theater is in it for playing/telling the truth, even though it makes the audience frown upon or even dislike theatre. That’s why theater exists.

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