Conceal or Reveal

Angela’s Exercise

Angela’s training was an extension of our research in two renowned figure in a field of theatre;

It was about depicting genuine emotions from inside.

  1. Divided into 3 groups of 2 – 3 people
  2. Chose the story that dealt with how women was treated by the society and countersex
  3. Create a raw materials based on the emotions


Our group was confused at creating the raw material because each of us had different idea of to what extend should we include physical movements whilst presenting emotions. Dayoung insisted that it was allowed to include choreography that requires big gestures, but both Christina and I didn’t agree with her. Dayoung thought the performance would be too lukewarm and banal if there weren’t any noticeably big gesture, but from Mrs.Mor and Angela we heard that the performance should only present genuine feelings we would have felt.

We divided the feelings into three and each member was in charge of showing the emotion.

  • Fear
  • Obsessed
  • Loss

We limited the physical movements so that the audience could focus on our emotions.

Watching Roh and Minju’s performance has taught me many things in terms of theatre. It is always pleasing to see genuineness and authenticity in performances. Moreover, Revealing secrets that have kept untold become a means of catharsis for both actors and audience.The influence of sharing a story is magnified when the story is shared with lots of people. Even though I was not able to read the story behind it, I could sense the emotions that they were trying to show us. And I have realized that whether the story is conveyed is not crucial in theatre, since I cannot get the grasp on Pina bausch’s story either.


One thought on “Conceal or Reveal

  1. It’s great that you’re reflecting whilst the work is still really fresh. Some excellent work in journal – I am very, very impressed by your level of understanding and commitment to the work and your reflection of it. Well done!


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