What We Did

– Watching a trailer of the Slava’s Snowshow

-Watched a short but jaw dropping video of the Choir named Revelation Avenue..

  • Our theme Korean Women being temptress and submissive
    •  Korean Traditional Dance X Pina Bausch
  • Title: Koreagraphy
  1. Enter in cannon, doing Miss.Korea pose
  2. A Korean Traditional Couple Folk Dance called ‘ Gabdol & Gabsoon’
    1. This folk dance was choreographed in while ago, and the choreography is based on the prevalent thought that women was submissive and shy.
  3. Pina Bausch’s Gesture ‘ Season’ : Starts with spring and ends with winter gesture -> Transition of seasons
  4. Fan Dance + Ganggangsullae -> Juxtaposition of dance that depicts women being utilized for recreational purpose and women having an impact on the society
  5. Contemporary gesture inspired from Contemporary Korean Women
  6. Gi-saeng pose
  7. Repetition of Fan Dance

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