Energy Deprivation 

Individual Research

“Find an examples of Bausch’s work that explores a direct connection to the audience.”
  1. The Opening Confrontational Stare of Kontakthof

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.48.01 PM

2. A performer with a blue swimming suit is conscious of the audience. As the show continues, she communicates with the audience.

A direct connection between actors and an audience blurs line between the audience and the created world of the stage.

What We Did

Semee’s Training: PRESENCE

: The exercise is designed to open performer response to an audience.

  1. Everyone stood in a straight line, facing the back wall.
  2.  In unison, we walked at a very slow pace, lifting our arms and toes.
  3. When we reached the edge of the stage, we turned our body toward the audience.

According to Pina Bausch, the purpose of this exercise is to fill the space between the audience and there performance. The exercise requires great amount of energy and extreme stillness and in my opinion, these are the elements that blur the invisible line between the audience and the performers.

We did the Presence exercise in 2 groups. While one team was doing the exercise as performers, the other team played a role of an audience and had to be able to feel the energy exerted from the performers. I reckon that I effectively used my peripheral vision to recognize other performers’ walking pace and so on. But one thing I missed during the exercise was to communicate with the audience through my energy. I myself felt that I was deprived of energy because my body was shaky and not still.

Skills I have acquired/developed : Peripheral Vision, Relationship with the audience, Energy, Uniformity, Spatial awareness (Spatial Relationship)

Ms.Mor pointed out that the major reason why we were lack of energy was because we got lazy as the year came to an end. So I have decided to reignite the energy spark I had in the beginning of the year by setting up new-month resolutions.

  • Be disciplined – Wear proper Drama Kit.
  • Be concentrated
  • Be inquisitive
  • Be engaged

Feedback on Other groups’ performance

Minju’s Team’s Outdoor Performance
  • Repetition of fan choreography drew attention ; Brilliant! Inspirational!
  • Drew clear inference from Pina Baucsh’s performances (i.e. trust, repetition)

Clara’s Team’s Performances

  • 1st Performance – women defining themselves by themselves
  • 2nd Performance – women judging them by what the opposite sex and society think
  • Truthfully, I can’t choose a better one between the two. I like the feministic theme of their 1st performance, women defining themselves by themselves. Also, the choreography got along with the background music well in the first performance. However, in the 2nd performance, the rhythm and choreography did not always match. I was also fascinated by the incongruity of their 2nd performance.

Dana’s Team’s Chair Performance

  • A cycle of the story represented by the same opening and closing was memorable

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