[April 23rd] Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost.

My favorite quote of Pina Bausch is definitely:

Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost.

Here are more quotes other than “Dance, other wise we are lost.”

  1. When I first began choreographing, I never thought of it as choreography but as expressing feelings. Though every piece is different, they are all trying to get at certain things that are difficult to put into words. In the work, everything belongs to everything else – the music, the set, the movement and whatever is said.
  2. I want to feel something, as a person. I don’t want to be bored.
  3. Everything must come from the heart, must be lived.

Independent Research Work on Pina Bausch’s Work


Pina Bausch was a renowned performer of modern dance, choreographer and director. Until nowadays, her dedication toward modern dance is considered significant due to her avant-garde dance style.

I, as a amateur dancer, often watch popular choreographies to get inspired from professional dancers’ movement and learn some dance techniques that I can utilized someday. To me, Pina Bausch’s performances are intriguing. I found her performances to be very innovative and intense, compared to others. Therefore, Her performances, especially the Rite of Spring and Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter Choreography, reside in my memory.

  • Bausch included a lot of metaphors within her performance. An online critic describes Bausch’s work as a performance art that continually delivers messages about societal conventions and human behavior, especially in regard to gender roles.
  •  David W. Price, Ph.D., of Emory University describes Bausch’s tanztheater as a performance art that “reveals the body as the site of a social inscription – the body on which the writing of the politics of gender reveals itself in performative acts”

Her passion in dancing is indicated by her refusal to the societal view on aged dancers. When a dancer gets older than a certain age, the dancer quits her job. However, Pina Bausch dedicated her full life on modern dance until she died right after her movie was released.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

Other Important Characteristics of P.B.’s performance
– clear and recognizable use of the VIEWPOINTs element, especially repetition and duration
– Actors are part of her.
– connected with natural element (water, earth, rocks)
– International casts make the audience feel the story is about everyone
– She lets the audience interpret the show in their own imagination.
– Brutality : What the audience is seeing contrasts with the quirkiness of the background music 
<The Rite of Spring>
  • Performance on red cloth on earth was very impressive and intense:
    •  My Observation: Actors wearing skin-toned dress. Men seemed to invade women’s inhibited area.
      • My Interpretation: The female actors are mourning about the end of her innocence, childhood, purity. Since the actors(dancers) in PB’s performance are often regarded as a part of PB, this red cloth performance is likely to based on her feelings about her teenage and puberty.
      • My analysis: The performance was turned out to be depicting menstruation. I somehow got right because I sensed that the red-cloth performance had something to do with feminism and sexuality. In a theatrical view, it was interesting to hear dancers breathing: For some reasons, the show looked more powerful and energetic.

<A Man with a ballet tutu>

  • My Observation: A man struggles with doing challenging ballet postures on a moving square board.
    • My Interpretation: The man consider himself as beautiful as woman.
    • My analysis: Great use of different duration. The moving board ,as an obstacle to him, makes the performance and actors look more dramatic
<Cafe Muller>
  • My Observation: There’s a section where performers perform blind between chairs. They could really hurt themselves, so real jeopardy happens sometimes.
    • My Interpretation: Chair being hindrance to human being.
    • My analysis: Thrilling to the audience, the thrill is good because the audience hold the tension until the end of the performance.
      • The trio performance [placing a body part and repeating the placement of body by putting in and back. But the tempo fastens.] displays unflagging love between a homosexual couple regardless of distraction from another human. I’ve learned that for this to work, the actors’ proprioception and kinesthesia should be exquisite so that they can remember exactly.
  • My observation: A piece about old age. There are two shows done by young people and old people. The audience is amused.
    • My interpretation& Analysis: A hysterical description of women and men’s being temptress. Maybe Pina Bausch wanted to tell that a desire to seduce different sex never changes. 

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