Find Your Light


THE CHAIR PERFORMANCE by Angela, Heeju,Semee,Lynn and Me
Find The Light
  1. We all sat on chairs and started a feet-crossing-choreography, holding papers. Heeju was the focal point of the scene. We pretended the papers to be newspapers.  (Mrs.Mor has interpreted the paper as a Korean Traditional Fan. It was interesting to hear that the interpretation was different from what we intended.) 

  2. Still the focal point is on Heeju when the rest of performers (Angela, Semee, Lynn and me) surrounded and obsessively observed Heeju. (isolation of woman from the society)

  3. Standing in a vertically straight line, I was the only visible person. When the performers smoothly swung their arms with their papers in cannon, it reminded the audience of Korean Traditional Fan Dance.

  4. Modern Choreography (Juxtaposition of a modern, daring woman and a traditional, submissive woman in Korea.)

  5. Then we stood in a straight line but horizontally. Each performer was equidistant to the others, and gave external stimuli to the person next to her. As a response, we slid the paper in the air.

  6. Then we broke the expectation by speeding up the movement.

  7. We sit down on our knees. (Decades ago, Korean women had to sit down on their knees.)

  8. We all laid down on the floor, still holding the paper.

  9. The same feet-crossing-choreography repeated, but this time arms were crossing. (Transition from feet to arms)

Find Your Light- Yuna

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