Composition on Harm’s our Delight 1

In the evening of March 30th, Mrs. Mor left Grade 10 Drama students with a mission which was..

“Split into 3 groups and do some composition on themes arising from a collection of snippets documenting women in Korea”

The performance will be presented on Thursday. So we managed to split into 3 groups (We tried rock-scissor-paper first and then recanted it because some of use pointed out that the number of members in each group was not equal. So we just picked a paper with the number ‘1’ or ‘2’ or ‘3’ on it). Our group consists of Angela, Lynn, Semee, Heeju and myself. There were 3 songs that we could get inspired from, and our team’s song was ‘Sleep Deprivation’. Although the actual song we have to compose is not the Sleep Deprivation, the song has given us some great ideas.

Since we had to do composition on the song, the pressure on choreographing had a massive impact on us. The majority of our members don’t have a dancing prowess, so they hesitated to bring the idea on the surface. I tried to encourage them to suggest some ideas because I believed that we were all qualified and able to do composition based on knowledge we’ve gained in Drama class.

Using Chairs as an Architecture, we developed our group composition. The theme was a woman left in men’s world. Our story sets on a futuristic society (dystopia) where all women are extinct, and the main character is a woman from the past where woman had been discriminated. We didn’t choose a specific woman character. We progressed quickly because all of use coordinate with one another.


1. dystopia.jpg


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