The Factory


In the denouement of the Production, I hereby look back on my 3 month of theatrical journey on the Factory. Over the course of 3 month, we had a time to laugh, enjoy and overcome the limitation that we had as individuals or as a whole group. When finished the “last” performance, I had mixed feelings of this production. I was happy because I could eventually end this journey. Simultaneously, I was dejected of the fact that the same show wouldn’t be happened again. Then I noticed that I was not the one who felt like this because I saw someone shedding a tear or two at the end of the performance.

During the show, I was not Jenny anymore. I spoke as a geek scientist who served for Willy Wonka and was in charge of escorting the audience with her colleagues. We, the narrator, also delivered the overall story from the 3rd person perspective. We constantly interrupt the scene, hampering the audience from being engaged fully in the show. I sometimes felt special not because the scientists existed until the end of show but because we were the one who made the show surrealistic.

At first, I struggled with characterization. The director had ordered me to be a geek and quirky scientist who resembled ‘Edward Nygma’ from the drama Gothem, but still I could not get the grasp of how I should act. What I only could do in that situation was to record my voices and listen to them. Then, I mumbled the lines while I was walking and while I was on a way to the school. Whenever the lines came to my mind, I recited. By doing so, I gained confidence in depicting the intelligent and logical scientist who believed that her knowledge was superior to any others including her boss Wonka. As I gained confidence, I was also able to remain calm though my pulse quickened as the show drew.

The jubilant cast, directors and staff strived hard to provide the audience with the sensuous joy through watching, listening, tasting and possibly, smelling. And the effort was paid off. The show turned out to be successful since the audience burst into great applause as we took our bows. After the bow, the members of the cast came out and mingled with the audience. The enthusiastic cheers dispelled all doubts and concerns I had toward in the rehearsal. The performance was visibly interactive in a positive way although the interaction with NLCS was told to be negative.

Of course we had ups and downs while we went through the process. I now value all the moments, even I cherish the downs because overcoming the downs was also the challenge I had to undertake as an actor. Plus, I’ve realized that the audience affects the performers and vice versa. And now it makes me wonder whether the audience always gives an positive impact on the show and actors.
It is still hard to believe that the show has vanished into thin air as if it is a dream. But the memories I have won’t be forgotten.

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