How To Tame Baby Trees

  • The most energy-soaking lesson I’ve ever had because….
  • Me being a drama teacher looked so tempting, but I realized being mommy tree requires massive patience and leadership
    • further realized how difficult is to be a good drama teacher
  • Unexpected situations happened all the time
    • especially when one of my baby trees said that she wanted me to go inside the cauldron on the stage
      • one of the most baffling situations I’ve ever had
  • Three children with three different personalities
    • 1 extremely extroverted girl (Mr.Newhook’s daughter) : She was out of my control.
    • 1 introverted, shy girl
    • 1 playful, mischievous boy
    • All of them were unpredictable.
  • However, I want to try this ‘Tree challenge’ again. I will eventually succeed in taming my baby trees.
    • Improvements I need to make :
      • Be more straightforward e.g. Regarding giving personalities to each kid tree, my instruction should have been simple and very straightforward. My instruction today might have sounded too complicated for Grade 2 because I asked them to act things as if they were “a sleepy cat” or “a spooky dog”. The reason I asked to do so was because if I did so, I thought their characters might be more clarified than abstract adjectives, but It didn’t worked really well. They expressed confusion by asking “Why do I have to be a dog among animals?” “Why a cat? Why not a dog” “Why am I a dog whereas she is a cat?”
      • Put myself in their shoes: I have to think how to teach as well as how to treat children. Since I am not familiar with dealing with people who is much more younger than me, It was perplexing to teach them today. Next time, I want to be a better teacher who can address small children.
  • Is it possible for me to go beyond my personal limitation not only as a drama student but also a drama teacher?
    • Maybe…..

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