[7] Re-telling the story of Macbeth

What We Did

  • Rehearsing
  • We are told that we will be teaching Drama to G2 students with massive support of Mrs.Mor. I am looking forward to it, albeit worried whether I can help them boost their creativity and ingenuity through teaching drama and Macbeth.

Feedback From Mrs.Mor

  • Energetically weak
  • Missing important theatrical strategies and elements
  • We are now going through the motions regardless of the massive amount of time we spent on training and learning about the Viewpoints, Suzuki, IGC and 7 levels of tension
  • Do not be a lazy worker.
  • Work intelligently.

Evidence of our creative process

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.54.01 PM

Questions to Throw at ourselves

  • In the performance…
  • How are your 9 Viewpoints incorporated ?
    • Kinaesthetic Response: As Sunhee shouts toward her witches(Stimuli), we slowly sit down, holding our cosmetics. (Response)
    • Spatial Relationship: Interesting set of space is kept through the performance.
    • Tempo: I’d say we have used different tempo which prevents our performance from being pedestrian.
    • Repetition: Repetition of Choreography, Repetition off the mirotic
    • Duration: The gaps between the lines are generally short and equal, but the moment when we are extremely still is one factor that contributes the variation of duration.
    • Gesture: Choreography
    • Shape:  Starting Position creates a shape due to the use of different levels for each witch.
    • Architecture: Cosmetics, Port, Book(Inspired from the Lion Boy)
  • Any Ingredients of Great Compositions?
    • Extremity: Extreme Stillness
    • Revelation of Space: The use of Curtains
    • Engaging the audience = Unexpected Moment
    • Air
    • Juxtaposition of beauty and grotesque
    • WOOSH Moments
  • Did we include 7 levels of tension?
    • Level 1: Witches’ Lethargy when they are stolen cosmetics,
    • Level 5~7: dominates Sunhee’s monologue
    • Level 3: dominates the performance
    • Needs to be improved
  • We Need to work more on engaging our core.. which makes us exert more energy!
  • Have you included Horror and fear?
    • Not Clear

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