[5] Re-telling the story of Macbeth

What we did

  •  Watching Angela’s Team’s Performance
  •  1. Standing in a diagonal line as a team of 3 person and
    • Doing a standing statue(with certain themes) in cannon

Feedback on Angela’s Group’s Performance


What I Thought

  • Be mindful when you are pronouncing “Cauldron” and “Chaudron”
  • Common Mistake: Do not say ‘Wool’, it’s ‘Wools’
  • We are missing the gist of the Witches’ Scene : HORROR
  •  How to make Horror visible and audible from the actors?
    • By showing the grotesque (weird, beast-like) nature of the real ingredients
    • By juxtaposing concepts e.g. Grotesque <-> innocence, Fear <-> Audacity
  • Try to end the performance with a strong impression
  • What are the ways to close our medusa scene with a strong images?
    • – Be full of energy
    • – Dramatic, Unexpected ending
    • – Use of impressive IGC

New Training

We are introduced to new training method which required us to stand in a neutral position and stand up, conveying a certain theme that Mrs.Mor had asked us to portray. Three themes were Grotesque, Powerful, and Submissive. For me, It was difficult to embody my abstract ideas in my gestures and postures at first. I struggled with defining and distinguishing each term. Also when it comes to physicality, my body and head seemed unconnected because I had very graphic images that I wanted to try, but my actual , physical outcomes were not as clear as the one I had envisioned. As I practiced, I was inspired by others and therefore became capable of visualising what it is to be grotesque, powerful and submissive. Even though it is still challenging for me, I am willing to embrace this challenge and keep going on.

2<Title: The three themes – the volume of blue sphere represents the amount of energy needed>


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