[4] Three Witches

What We Did

1. Revisiting our previous ‘Witches’ performance

2. Watching the performance of Semee’s Team

What I Think

  • We got helpful feedback from the audience before, so today We discussed how we could improve our scenes
    • We should be more Dynamic: Each of our characteristics ought to be clearly distinguished.
      • We are portraying 3 different personalities of Medusa. (Madness, Evil, Purity&Goodness)
      • So the premise which set the basis of the story is we are all ‘snakes
      • Question I’ve got : Will exaggeration of characteristics aid our performance in a positive way or not?
      • Sunhee – Liable for presenting madness. Her speech and gestures should be extremely fast.
      • Irene – Evil. Be more wicked and bizarre, but not in an different way from Sunhee does.
      • Jenny(me) – Purity and Goodness. Slow pace. Even symbolizes a physical and social inferiority of a female. (I interpreted my character as a traditional Korean woman who succumbed to patriarchy and therefore, is submissive) If that’s going to be my fixed character, I need to emphasize feminity.

after feedback

Summary of Feedback for Semee’s group



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