Reflection on Group Performance

A Collection of Screenshots

The sequence of images are in chronological order.

1. Interesting Set Of Spatial Relationship

Sunhee and I were apart from Irene. My shoulder and Sunhee’s were attached to each other. Even though we didn’t make any plans in terms of starting position, we had a telepathic moment with each other and ended up with this position.


 2. Hesitation

Temptation to think so much made me hesitate when Sunhee gave me an external stimulus. My fidgeting fist is an evident which indicates that I wondered whether to move or not. However, I should keep in mind that while viewpointing I have to respond instinctively to external stimuli. That’s what kinesthetic respond is.


3. Breaking Tension

Sunhee BRAVELY broke a tension which might’ve turned into bore in a few second by changing the tempo extremely fast. Being courageous as Sunhee is what I have to reflect on my performance and have to improve.


4. A Development In Gesture


5. Wow Moment

Everyone did same gesture in unison. This was, in my opinion coincidental, telepathic but brilliant.


6. Chaotic Movement

According to Mrs.Mor, this was when our performance got messy; everybody transformed/transitioned gesture in a different way. To make our performance better, we have to concentrate on each other’s gesture by using peripheral vision.

Slide67.  Use of peripheral vision and mimicking irene’s gesture



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