Reflection and Research on Feb 5th

What We Did

  1. Reading an article about a female robot in cinema
  2. We learned viewpoints for Voice!
  3. Individual Demonstration of Macbeth Scene

Summary of the lesson

  • Reading an article about a female robot in cinema

Metropolis-new-tower-of-babel tumblr_mgo1o3u9ZG1ra96cgo1_1280

Since the year dot, a lot of literature and film has described woman as a subservient, submissive and servile being who have to be responsible for men’s downfall. Female Robot in Cinema, is not an exception. Metropolis, for example, is a classic film written by a woman – Thea Von Harbou.

  • We learned viewpoints for Voice!
    • Sometimes sounds can be harmonious or disturbing, amusing or horrible, but there shouldn’t be silent moment.
    • Feel your jaw, cheeks, esophagus and diaphragm vibrate.
    •  When You lie down, your whole body should resonate the sound.
    •  Laughing is natural during the training, however, it should sound musical.
  • Individual Demonstration of Macbeth Scene


<Representation Of Women In Korea>

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 오후 6.53.23

– Woman as an ‘housekeeper


  • a wife of Jumong the Great who was an emperor of Go-gu-ryeo kingdom
  • played a key role in founding both empire Go-gu-ryeo and Baekje
    • She provided a man who would become a King of Goguryeo in the future with substantial capitals and land
    • She helped her son Onjo to build his own kingdom
    • She had a lot of partisans who advocated and supported her
  • had a keen acumen, intelligence and foresight to look out for the future generations
  • However, in Korean historical drama, her historical achievement was neglected and she was objectified just as a queen who married the Emperor and a woman who was abandoned with his two sons due to the war of thrones.


Non Gae

  • Korean Geisha ‘Gi-Saeng’ during the Joseon Dynasty
  • enticed the Japanese general to drawn him  in the cliff

– Woman as an independent object

The Great Merchant, Man-deok Kim

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 오후 6.14.08

  • A mother of Jeju Island
  • Credited for saving Jeju people from hunger through donating all of her possessions and propetry
  • Born in Jeju, Man Deok Kim (1739-1812) is known as a philanthropist as well as a merchant during the Joseon dynasty. In her late teens, after her father died, she became a Gisaeng, a Korean woman trained as a professional singer, dancer, and companion for male aristocrats. Later, she started merchandising near a port by selling Jeju specialties such as horsehair, seaweed, and abalone. She accumulated a tremendous legacy. Having watched so many Jeju people die from the devastating hunger of the 1790s, she saved many lives from starvation by donating a huge amount of grain and other supplies she possessed.  Although she belonged to the lowest class in society and against Confucianism, she became affluent and gave her fortune back to the community. She always dreamt of a community where all people took care of each other. Her good deeds are the epitome of Noblesse oblige.



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