Reflection on Feb 4th

What We Did

  1. Suzuki Training with some G11 students
  2. Viewpointing

What We Felt

In terms of Suzuki Training, My friends and I have came up with several words to describe this.

Warrior-like, Combative, Fun, Smile, Energized, …


  • Learning from classmates is sometimes more valuable than learning from written theories. Today I realized the significance of empirical lesson based on observation and trial. I myself tried to fix my gesture , but It was not easy as I didn’t know what posture would be called ‘correct’ posture. So I observed how Mrs. Mor was doing, and I also observed how Da Young was doing since I felt strong energy from these two people. For example, my body trembled and my arms didn’t remind me of holding a cup table, while Da young seems very stable and balance.
  • Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 오전 12.16.20
  • I felt I still lack of energy and stillness when I am doing the training.
  • When I do the Basic training, my upper body tends to tilt quite often and can’t hold stillness for a longer time.
  • My voice is not enough to intrigue the audience. I should find my witch-like voice or warrior-like voice when I speak the script of the Macbeth.

2) During Viewpoint

  • Wow moments: I am not sure whether it is illegal during the Viewpoints, but personally I like how my classmates applied some skills from Suzuki Training to Viewpoints. (i.e. Stomping, Tip-toeing inspired from Basic No.2 )

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