Reflection on Feb 3rd

What We’ve Done So Far

  • Training invented by Tadashi Suzuki
  • Viewpointing using the energy that we’ve gained through Suzuki Training

  • Pictorial Descriptions



What I Felt

  • Mistakes

    Screaming or “Ouch”ing when making mistakes is a bad habit that everyone should be careful about. The audience will recognize your fault on the stage as well. Do not make people aware of your mistakes. Keep it as your secret.

  • Theatrical Acumen is required:

    This includes the appropriate and comprehensive use of peripheral vision, interesting set of spatial relationship, brave to breaking banal/boring movement, interesting gestures

  • Feedback from Mrs.Mor about our three-witchish Viewpoints :

Too many gestures made the performance messy but She saw our efforts to make the performance tidier.

  • Do not let the rhythm just groove your body even though you are listening disco music! Do not forget 9 elements of Viewpoints.



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