Here comes Suzuki Training

Jan 20th, 2015

Attention Grade 10,

Here Comes Suzuki Training!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 오후 11.43.19

  1. Introduction to Suzuki Training
    1. Introduction to Tadasi Suzuki through a book
  2. Memorizing the lines/quotes (which will be replaced soon)
  1.  Suzuki Training

“Actors should put their theatrical emphasis on (___________). “

Question. Which words best describes the sentence above?

Facial expressions? Emotional or even sappy actings? Perfectly memorizing allotted lines? Or Tones?

According to Mrs.Mor, Nowadays’ actors in Western act mainly through faces. However, this acting method has led actors to be lazy and less energetic.

Suzuki Training gives an clear answer of this question. Suzuki focuses on developing full body strength, which leads actors to be a powerful, energetic and strong. His philosophy of theatre is a combination of Greek theatre and Japanese traditional play and he incorporates any aspects of different culture and traditions into his play. And his training method is a reflection of his philosophy.

Action speaks more that words. The video briefly introduces what suzuki training looks like.

This is a look at the Suzuki physical training used in the theatre program at Long Island University. The training includes stomping, the walk, shakuhachi and et cetra. The training requires forces yet stillness (like the Viewpoints), therefore, is physically challenging and requires usage of leg force.

  1. (1)  Tadashi Suzuki

2.  Memorizing the lines

Midway on our life’s journey

I found myself in dark woods- the right road lost.

To tell about those woods is hard – so rough and tangled

and savage that thinking of it now

I feel the old fear stirring

Death is hardly more bitter

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 오후 11.43.23

I was glad that I’m now able to enter new unit and experience another exciting things about drama.

However when I heard of the magnitude of Suzuki trainings’ intensity, I had mixed feelings.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 오전 12.15.41

After coming up with lot of words that describes my feelings and circumstance, I was able to refine my feelings. And I realized that, regardless of intensiveness of the training, It would be valuable and fun as long as I enjoy and cherish the process.

I shall embrace the challenges. At the end of this unit(or training), I will be achieving the goals I’ve made now.

  1. To challenge myself both physically and mentally
  2. To develop diction and volume vocally
  3. To deliver clear message and impression to the audience

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