20 Group Answers to questions

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  • What was the group’s final choice of theme and how did you arrive at this decision?

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  • What was the intended impact of the performance? How did we want our audience to respond intellectually and feel emotionally and did we achieve our intentions?

Our intention was to show a glimmer of hope lying at the bottom of desperation, which we had portrayed through the cruel scenes of war. Reflecting on the audience’s feedbacks, they  were not able to empathize with the feelings of performers.

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  • What have we learned from our audience’s feedback and/or reactions?

When we were on the back of the audience (Passing the ribbon), the audience did not turn back for a while because they did not notice where we had moved.

  • Discuss the value of the feedback received to work in-progress.

– Quite a few times, the feedback really motivated us to work harder to complete the work. Whenever we heard the feedback and there were wow-moments,, that we thought were effective, such as using flashlights but the audience didn’t think as so.

  • What were the biggest challenges we faced as a group during the performance and how did we cope with them?

-One of the challenges we faced was the possibility of missing member from our group. In our group, YouJeong was unsure if she will be able to make the final performance because she was leaving the school. Fortunately, the date got delayed by a month, and she was able to make it, but considering the absence, our group always had to think of alternatives in case she was not here, and this was challenging for us as it took us more time.

  • What were the biggest challenges we faced as a group during the process and how did we cope with them? :

Theme selection (refer back to Question 1)


  • What were the biggest challenges I faced as an individual during the process and how did we cope with them?


  • Which aspects of the IB learner profile were being developed during this project?
    • Open-minded + Communicators: one of our duties to the performance was to get in contact with as many teammates as possible and sharing our materials and ideas. This did not work out so well at first, but we steadily improved until our performance.
    • Reflective + Inquirers: We had to write a reflection critically examining ourselves on our specificity and attention to detail. In order to do this, we had to broaden our horizons by researching various dramatic techniques and performers.


  • How has this project developed us as artists?

We have gained a respect for the effort it takes to host a successful dramatic performance. We had to take resources such as division of labor and profitable ventures into account. As artists, we became creative directors and actors of our own work. 🙂


  •  How did the individual Viewpoints contribute to the message shown to the audience?

Spatial Relationships



Duration: The duration that was shown in some of the scenes the tension and the severity of the war was well shown.

Kinesthetic Response



  • Which of the Viewpoints were weakest in the final piece?

Tempo- Extremity


  • What ingredients of great compositions did we use in the final piece and how did they contribute to the quality of the work?
    • Which one of the ingredients of great composition could we have used to improve the quality of your work?
  • Evaluate the successes and failures of the final performed piece.


  • Which aspects of the process and performance can be improved upon if we were to do this again?
  • How could group dynamics and group decision-making be improved?

use ideogram(Julie Taymor), exquisite pressure , be instinctive, One person talking,

  • Were there any moment(s) in the final performance that were unexpected and how did the group respond to this?

The director has divided stanzas into lines and allocated them. The poem ‘War’ was supposed to be narrated by all of us without cheating , however, we couldn’t deliver accurately since the director had allocated the lines and we didn’t have sufficient time. Still the poem worked because some of us managed to improvise, pretending to memorize it perfectly.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 오전 10.20.54

When we are all working behind the audience, some of the audience did not recognized what was happening, and just stared the front. We could do nothing, but taking some time for audience to notice the situation. Fortunately, some audience who noticed it poked some who didn’t, and we could continue the scene.


  • What are the skills you have learned from the process, and how do you imagine they will be useful to you in the future?


Delivering some opinions, Team work, Incorporating with Space, use of props


Time management – we will not procrastinate!

One of the negative aspects in our process that we did procrastinate and that delayed  discussion. Our stage was apart from the black box theatre and there were no supervisors. Frankly , we digressed sometimes. And that explains the confusion and obscurity that happened in the first yet last rehearsal.  As the due dates drew nearer , and we hadn’t boil our performance down to clear theme, we realized we had to be disciplined and efficient. In the near future, all of us might not procrastinate and be efficient in terms of preparing for the performance.

  • Discuss and evaluate your individual contribution and how did you attempt to reflect the performance’s theme?

Lynn – Since I left the school for one week, I could not participate as other group members did. What I did was creating my scene and giving some feedback on group members’ performance. (Preparing gun sound, the light: putting something to change color)


Jenny -portraying hope –  putting a poem ‘the war’ and helping the audience concentrate on the poem using illustrations(Irene helped), forming a tree , use pictorial descriptions


  • What do I consider to be the main strengths of myself and my group and how did they contribute to the quality of the final product?


Main strength ‘ disciplined ‘  My group ‘creative.. ’ equal distribution


  • How effectively did we use the rules of composition? B. Why are the rules valuable?

Exquisite pressure – we forced ourselves to be in an exquisite pressure whenever we got stuck.

Work instinctively – There was some ideas created when we just spontaneously talked


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