The value of feedback on Dec 9th

Getting feedback always teaches me how to be reflective of the performance I did , by extension, the audience. Being reflective is vital in many ways- it enables to develop my IB learner profile, to improve my weakness, to become a better performer and to prepare cope with future challenges.

(Photo courtesy – All photos were screenshots from Mrs.Mor’s Video)




Wow moments

Hailey’s Wow moment : Mine is when they used balloons, held up, and there was letter ‘h’ ’o’ ’p’ ’e’. They threw the balloons and it was unexpected because I had thought you would pop it.



Roh : I liked how Jenny used the picture sketchbook(illustrated by Irene) to portray a poetry.

  • Mrs.Mor’s comment:  Presenting the illustrations through a projection could be another way of presenting the poetry.  This accelerates interaction between the drawn pictures and real humans, as if the grade 8 students who performed at the winter concert.
Illustration of the scene of the war
Illustration of the scene of the war

Christina : I liked when Dana and Lynn suddenly turned around and waved their hands, pointing out people on the upper level and bringing balloons down. For me, It looked like they were in the heaven and finally found a hope.

ㄴ Mrs.Mor’s comment: This scene was also a revelation of space.

Revelation o
Revelation o

Dayoung : When you used hand drums, the shadow reflected from light, which was great.

My thought: I was supposed to show a tension before the war. My artistic intention,or intended impact, was somewhat delivered, but I am not sure the audience felt what I had wanted to make them feel.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 오전 10.21.19
Hammering the wall

Roh : Making audience move physically was a brilliant idea.

My comment: We had concerned about transitioning a stage before we decided to do it. We had worried whether moving a stage is necessary. If we moved the stage without giving any meanings, we would have digressed from our theme. Nevertheless, we eventually managed to put this scene to show a revelation of space and demonstrate the mood opposite from tensions and depression  on different stages.

Moving stages
Moving stage to another stage

.Sunhee : When all performers were at the back, but I didn’t notice it. I just watched front space, waiting them to be re-appreared.

My comment: This response implied us that we, as performers, actually made the audience feel what we had intended to, and therefore, had an impact on audience.

Mrs. Mor : I liked where Dana Hong surrounded by people holding a fabric, the fabric suddenly released creating a prison.

Behind the moments: It took a lot of efforts and practice to success the fabric-releasing scene. One challenging part was that the fabric had got easily entangled . Another challenge was that we had difficulties in releasing the fabric in unison.  We managed to do this and i believe this has shown our dedication to our project.

holding the fabrics
holding the fabric

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