11th Process Journal for Summative Assessment

We rehearsed the performance with all props.

(Every detail of performance including props, stages, scenes, etc.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 오후 6.48.17 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 오후 6.48.41

My scene starts with a poem. I chose to open the performance with a poem because I remember that the audiences were confused at our theme, ‘Finding hope in the hopeless place’ and gave us feedback about the ambiguity. I want the poem to be focused, without any audio-visual distractions which hamper the audience from listening to and concentrating on it.  At that time, some of my teammates brought the red fabrics. It crossed my mind that the red fabrics could hide performers as well as the stage as if it’s the curtain. Considering that red can represent something bloody but enthusiasm, the red fabric was fit for my performance. And I decided to deliver the poem in an audio-visual way by storytelling it through the illustration. Irene helped me and drew all the illustrations.

And then, 5 performers excluding Irene and I hammers on the wall. The heartbeat sound creates tension so that the audience can be more into the performance. During then, I tear off the papers. This action represents destructive, hopeless atmosphere in the battle field.  And then , we stand in the line and as Lynn fires the gun, Irene shots me and I scatter the cut paper pieces into the air. It means hope is gone but implies it is findable. Now the rest of the directors starts the journey to find hope.


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