Summative Work Progress #9 Struggle

Be courageous. Don’t wait for the right circumstances to make your best work.  Make your best work with the circumstances your in right now. – Anne Bogart.

What we did

  • We ran through our pieces and discussed about props specifically.  Even though, we’re stuck in thinking of solidifying Angela’s Scene, we had big progress.
  • We have had our group’s own drama journal that gives inspiration and feedback to one  another. We uses Google doc to share our Ideas and remind ourselves of our post performance practices. This is helpful because if someone misses class because of illness or inevitable excuses, they can keep track of what happened and get themselves ready for next practice. Also our group has a lot of shift – some directors totally change their pieces or the way her piece flows. And recording online group journal is better than telling them verbally in class time.  Below is part of our group document.

(This is our previous scene before we modified our performances. The real scene in our performance might differ.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 오후 5.10.57

What I felt

What are the strength & weaknesses of our performance?


  • Visual strength
    • Use of props(red fabric) would work great for the audience.
    • Light reflects and create shadows. A lot of audience mentioned about the shadow as their wow moments.
    • Stairs are slightly curved.
  • Auditory strength
    • The sound echoes through the wall.


  • We contain no music in the performance but only gun sound. The audience might get bored.
  • We might have external problems that might happen during actual performance such as
    • elevator sound
    • unnecessary sunlights
    • noises from other students who are not in G10 drama class
  • Stairs are dangerous to perform in extreme pace for amateur actors like us.

How can we, as a group develop our strength and conquer challenges?

External problems can be solved as long as we prevent them from actually happening. We will get excuses from people and tell not to use elevator and not to make noises near by stairs only for 7 minutes(while we are performing). Or we may hung up notification paper near by elevator. Sunlights can be blocked by installing curtains temporarily or pasting papers on the surface of window.


 Anne, Bogart,


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