Summative #10


What occurred today

The props are decided and confirmed. What we need is listed below;

  • Black fabrics  (2 big ones to use as curtains an hid sunlights coming from the window)
  • Big, Red translucent fabric
  • The poem (“The War”) and illustrations that portrays the battle scenes (Sketchbook)

-Alexis Molina

Looking around,
The battle scene was harsh
bodies lay scattered on the ground,
with the nauseating scent of blood
surrounding me.
I can hardly see
for smoke blinds my eyes
and as I look around
my heart sinks and fills with sorrow
I want this battle to end.
Noises of gunfire hurt my eardrums
piercing and killing lives.

This is the place of death
and I try to keep hope.

  • Gunshot (Sound effect)
  • Black hats (5) – Letters which symbolizes hope printed inside
  • Big white paper to cover the windows

My feelings

If we boiled down our theme to one picture, It would be like this.


We are not exactly portraying the picture, however, our theme is seeking hope in a hopeless place, where is a battle field. Red represents blood but at the same time, ‘Red’ may be the color of hope, as this picture uses red as a hope. We are aiming to show hope at the end of the performance.

I had been worried if we couldn’t complete our pieces until Tuesday. However, thankfully, we were able to finish our performance with everybody’s cooperation.


The war, Alexis Molina,


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