Summative #8 If it is important to us

If it is important to us, We will find a way

If not, We will find excuses.

What occurred today

  • Rearrange the sequences while adding transition
  • Discussing about props and minimizing it
  • Developing each scene


  1. Topic interpretation/ translation Looking back on what we’ve performed, our interpretation of the topic ‘Finding hope in a hopeless situation’ was too literal and too straightforward. So each of us slightly change scenes based on wow moment and the ingredients of great composition.
  2. Ultimate Message We’d like to tell ‘ silver lining always exist’ at the end.  When we translate an intangible theme into visible actions, we decided to be focusing on ‘finding’ not a war or hopeless situation.
  3. Flow We managed to connect each scene naturally.
  4. Props and costumes A lot of directors in the group wanted to use different props. Dana suggest minimizing the use of props because she thinks we, the actress should be a major on the stage. So props we are going to use are black fabrics(this can also be used to cover sunlights from windows), white ribbons, red translucent fabrics and sketchbooks. Props won’t be overused and of course will contain a certain meaning. For costumes, the majority wants to go with black clothes.
  5. Words We are allowed to speak words. But this may not be overused either.


My concern is that whether our modified performance has wow moments that can resonate with the audience. Sadness, hardship, tears , human struggles are the way to touch the audience , but those are not only ways to grab the audience.

Ways to touch(attract/amaze/grab/…)  the audience with performance are;

  1. Choreographing in unison
  2. Engaging the audience within the performance
  3. Doing something physically challenging
  4. Extreme tempo, duration, gesture
  5. Doing something mysterious so that the audience can keep eyes on it. (To be specific, like group 1 did, a teeny tiny ball intrigues the audience)
  6. Exaggerating (pretending an object to feel heavier that it is in a real life)
  7. Aiming to be cohesive and unified, neat

These would induce adrenaline within audience so we should come up with ways to apply aforementioned strategies within our performance as possible as we can. If this performance is really important and desperate to us not because of the grades but because of our desire to deliver our messages to the audience and lead them to a certain action or realization, we’ll find a way.


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