Summative work #7 – Is it really a failure?

What we did

  • Having a performance and getting feedback

Feedback from audience 

  • I can’t see the performance has something to do with a war but I don’t see ‘hope’.
  • Flashlight was to annoying for the audience to watch.
  • Roh’s wow moment was when all the performers started to hit the wall in synchroinization.
  • Performance time is too long.
  • Make the audience actively involve in the performence – take them into a journey
  • Overall, negative feedback dominated – the audience was perplexed(by theme), annoyed(by lights), bored(due to long but non-interesting plot)

Feedback from ourselves 

  •  the way we are interpreting the theme now is too literal and sometimes even boring. (Irene)
  • Use of Viewpoints is not clearly presented when compared to other groups
  •  we need to use a verbal/oral components to articulate scenes (You Jeong)


We were in a chaos since we were not prepared enough. That might trigger the audience’s confusion of our performance. We changed our theme right before today’s lesson.  What made our team worse was that some of members were off class or school due to sickness and they just came today. But these are just excuses. We cannot just wash the guilt away by enumerating excuses.  We all realized the problems are in us. We ourselves admit that we need more articulation and specificity in each scene. Considering that We already articulated our theme and the theme is good enough to convert into a performance, what we need to do from now is articulating scenes, movements, gestures, and performances. Also transitioning scenes should be considered carefully by two directors who are in charge of that scene. Since we started developing and interpreting the theme late, We have a lot of stuffs to do. If possible, we decided to have a extra meeting and discuss.

Failure is another lesson. This may be an opportunity to look back on what we’ve done.



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