[Journaling] Summative #6


  • We boiled down our theme to ‘Finding hope in a hopeless place‘
    • more precisely, People finding silver linings in a war situation
    • and I think the theme contains JUXTAPOSITION because..
      • ‘Hope’ is juxtaposed with the ‘Hopelessness’
  • I developed my scene ;

My scene

[No Music, No words]

Starts with lights on.

Every performer hits the wall eight times, in synchronization. [Architecture: Wall]

Lights are turned off. The stage is in silence. [IGC: Extreme silence]

Shotgun sounds are echoed through a stage hall. [Prop: play a shotgun sound with a smartphone]

The performers should be knocked down in a row as they hear a shotgun sound. [Viewpoints: Kinesthetic Response]

Again the stage is in silence.

Someone lights up the dark with a flash light. [Prop: smartphone flashlight app]

[Juxtaposition: Brightness(hope)<->Darkness(hopelessness)]

She walks up the stairs [Viewpoints: duration and extreme tempo]

and finds out all people dead.

She shocks in disbelief.

At that time, She hears a sound of an alive human. She wakes the person up.

What we did

  • due to yearbook photoshot, we had a short class
  • but, still we were able to go through some scenes;



Semee’s :  Lights off  -> Lights on -> Four lying down on the floor (with blood spurring out) -> One person waits upstairs,  is pointing gun at s/o

Irene’s :

  1. Starts with the light turned off – Eyes open – Light turns on
  2. There’s no one on the stage except for two siblings (an older brother and a little sister) cuddling each other in the middle of the stage, with their faces buried in their arms.
  3. The older brother raises his head and slowly looks around with a look of fear in his eyes. When he stands up, the girl also raises her head.
  4. At the same time (When the boy stands up), a group of soldiers walks up the stairs in a line with strong, synchronized walking, and they circle around the siblings, facing outward.
  5. The distance between the soldiers and the siblings are not too close (About 1 meter away from each other), symmetrical position, they have a cold, stern look in their face
  6. During this happens, the boy resists to adjust himself to the situation by banging on the invisible wall formed between the siblings and the soldiers, but the wall does not break.
  7. The boy is shocked in disbelief, and the girl stands up to hug the boy from the back.
  8. eyes closed.


What can intrigue our audience? What draws our audience into the scene? If I am allowed to use several ingredients of great compositions(IGC) at once, is there any IGC that is opposite to other IGC so I can’t use those two to in the same scene?

Considering that my group uses cell phone during whole scenes, what effect we can create as performers? How does the use of cell phone affects our audience? Sound? Light? And how is cell phone applied to our theme “finding hope in the hopeless place”?

Can the audience suspend disbelief and pretend a cell phone to other metaphors throughout our performance?

Key drama terminologies so far 

(when I put a phrase into word cloud it was automatically broken down into a word.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 오전 10.37.02


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