[Journaling] Summative work #6

Reflection on VIDEO

Julie Taymor: Spider-Man, The Lion King and life on the creative edge

Julie Taymoi, a director of musical Lion King and other musicals, operas and theatre , is an epitome of Avant-garde performer. She is an experimental and pre-eminent director within art field.

She gives a speech about her observation of a ritual initiation ceremony of a young man , and introduces her way of creating performance. She simplifies overall theme and therefore, each piece is interpreted in her own way. ; Lion King becomes a circle, the Tempest tells that the civilization is under the nature. She tells the audience what to see/look and enhances the power to communicate.

She uses a silk and a canvas to symbolize The audience know is a silk, not a sun. But the audience suspends the disbelief and consider it the sun. And that is what she likes about the theater.


“Playing with Fire” – Julie Taymor

Fire is an element of composition, it is also an element of transition.

What I(We) Did

  • In our thoughts, a hero’s journey is still general theme. So our group decided to shorten it down more. We brainstormed again came up with a theme.
    • Considering our original theme was a ‘metamorphosis’ , we thought a hero’s journey demonstrates intellectual,mental and physical metamorphosis of a human. In the process of a hero’s journey, a hero faces obstacles that discourages him. Despite painful situation, the hero struggles to find hope. And this is the main aspect of the hero.
    • Therefore, we boiled down our theme to ‘Finding hope in a hopeless place
    • People finding silver linings in a war situation
  • Again, we put ourselves under the exquisite pressure and think of scenes as a director. I developed my scene by considering how to succeed in delivering my artistic intension.

My scene

[No Music, No words]

Starts with lights on.

Every performer hits the wall eight times, in synchronization. [Architecture: Wall]

Lights are turned off. The stage is in silence. [IGC: Extreme silence]

Shotgun sounds are echoed through a stage hall. [Prop: play a shotgun sound with a smartphone]

The performers should be knocked down in a row as they hear a shotgun sound. [Viewpoints: Kinesthetic Response]

Again the stage in silence.

Someone light up the dark with a flash light. [Prop: smartphone flashlight app]

She walks up the stairs [Viewpoints: duration and extreme tempo]

and finds out all people dead.

She shocks in disbelief. She hears a sound of an alive human. She wakes the person up.


Our group also started to think upon the way that can shift one scene to another. Since there is only 5 transition in entire performance. 2 directors are responsible for each transition. Director 1 and 2 should negotiate and compromise in terms of a transition. We decided to use an ingredients of great composition without making distraction. However, we are struggling a little bit in being imaginative. Since we all agreed to change our theme , we all agreed to discuss about transition after we organize each piece of performance.


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