[Journaling] Summative Work Progress #5

What occurred today

  • Ms Mor emphasized the connection between artistic intention and clear theme.
  • Refining the theme
  • Putting ourselves under exquisite pressure
  • Creating scene based on Ingredients of Great Composition


  • Theme: A Hero’s Journey
  • We put ourselves under the exquisite pressure and had to create a piece of performance
  • The sequence of performance is
    • Me – Dana – Semee – Youjeong -Irene – Angela – Seonmin


Q. Did I get closer to my artistic intention?

A. Yes, I got closer to my artistic intention compared to the last day.  But I think have more steps to take in order to link my intention and my performance. In order to get more closer to my artistic intention, I need to specify my performance based on our theme. Being specific means, in my opinion, being precise for the audience so that the performance is clearly interpreted.

Q. How could I use the Ingredients of Great Composition(IGC) to improve the articulation of composition?

A.  Among the IGC, ‘a journey‘ would be an appropriate ingredient to adapt. If the performance engages the audience into the performance itself and let the audience join the journey, we may articulate our scenes, performances, and themes. In addition, the overall performance should be cohesive and deliver consistent message while each scene provides different perspectives.

S28C-114111408090 (2)

Q. What Viewpoints my scene needs to be enhanced?

A. I should begin to contemplate the way I can adapt kinesthetic response and spatial relationship into my scene.

Our Group’s creative thinking process

  • During group discussion, There were a lot of concerns about this theme;
    •  Concern 1 : our theme is still ambiguous.
    •  Concern 2 : We specified this theme, only to find ourselves create a story.
      • Some refuted against this concern by saying that it is a plot rather than a story.
  • Concern 3 : We were thinking too much!!!!!
    • We even allocated a different atmosphere of a performance to each member.
    • This is also related with the reason why a lot of group people couldn’t create a piece of performance ; Since we limited our creativity, we felt difficulties in doing independent and acting instinctively.

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