[Journaling] Summative Work #4

What occurred in class today

  • Group discussion on Performance Theme and Composition

Brain Storming

  • hero’s journey
  • Superhero
  • Super villain
  • not conceptual hardship
  • improving
  • despair
  • gradually improving and start at the bottom: Use of floor levels
  • represent life
  • people from different stairs represent different social level
  • LIfe (Human metamorphosis}: Humanity
  • at the end its supposed
  • using dramatic aspect of drama
  • show the spectrum
  • narrow space : take advantage
  • viewpoint
  • Ms Mor said about CPU game
  • taking the audience into the perspective of the main character in the game, music – Physical Movement


[Picture 1 : Stream of thoughts]


 We decided to keep on with the idea of metamorphosis, and because of our wow moments, decided to look at hero’s journey. However, the problem arose since we needed to give a detail and specificity. We decided the reorder the wow moments and make them clearly understood by the audience. 


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