[Journaling&Researching] Summative Work #3

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What we did/learned

  • Having a Performance
  • Getting a feedback
  • Short Lesson about Specificity/Theme/Tempo


  • Am I abusing the filler ‘like‘ too much?
  • Eyes open/closed strategy : makes us not to worry about transition and lets us only think of structure and order of the performance
  • Each scenes gives me different perspective
    • Group 2’s performance showed the complexity of emotions in human being. My favorite moment was when they stood in a straight line , staring audience and then turning heads left to right.
  • Use Ingredients of great compositions – especially ‘A Journey
    • Aim for taking audience on a journey through a consistent message (or theme)
  •  What was the wow moment of my audience in my group performance?
    • It was when the bent wall created the shadow.

Research – Exquisite pressure 

Anne Bogart uses the term “Exquisite Pressure” to define a working environment where the actors(or actress) are given very short amount of time to create something, without having time to judge or over-analyze. When the actors(or actresses) work under the principle of exquisite pressure, the actors(or actresses) have to develop the ingredients of composition using architecture in a limited space. Therefore, Exquisite pressure principle forces actors(actresses) to follow their own intuition and own impulse. It often leads performers to come up with unexpected choices that will create happy accidents.

  – Exquisite pressure from inside the Tempest

A documentary following the process of Physicalising Shakespeare through Zen Zen Zo’s award winning production The Tempest. The performers are given 30 seconds to talk about, and 10 minutes to develop compositions. In the video the instructor says,

“You’ll have 10 minutes to develop these compositions. Place your audience wherever you want. Use the architectures that have been this space to work with the story, to communicate.”

And the actors and actresses starts to develop compositions. The exquisite pressure let them be spontaneous. This is the example of the use of Exquisite pressure.


  • From now on, let me think Drama class is a “like-free” zone.
  • like free zone
  • My group will clarify the theme by making it more specific. The theme will be an mental&physical evolution of the butterfly.
  • My group members including me have to put in exquisite pressure more than now. Therefore, whenever we are getting nowhere or stuck, the principle of exquisite pressure will help.
  • Exquisite pressure is a principle for performers , which compels them make wow moments for their audience.


exquisite pressure from inside the tempset, David Pawsey, http://youtu.be/CyWN2YOkqsU

[image] 7 words that we all need to stop abusing , Jason Epstein, http://www.brobible.com/humor/article/commonly-abused-words/#page/8


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