[Journaling] Summative Work #2

What I/We did 

  • Rehearsing
  • Watching Group 1(Luna’s Group)’s performance


Here’re My Thoughts
When I think of my group performance, those words cross my mind;
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 오전 12.34.07

and In 1 sentence, my feelings can be compressed to…

 “Let’s see where we can tomorrow”

Feedbacks & Reflections

  • Focus on articulate use of all the Viewpoints. Our group haven’t use duration, repetition and tempo so far.
  • Each piece of performance have to present the ingredients of great compositions
  • My team has to work interdependently.
  • All gestures and shapes have to be sophisticated and specific.
  • we have to work as an ensemble
  • creation of meaning
  • How can shadow be incorporated into our performance and theme?
  • Our goal: Affecting audience

As an audience

  • Their theme was ‘a sound’.
  • My wow moment is when two people ran in an extremely fast speed and crossed.
  • Also I like when they laid down in a diagonal line because It showed wonderful use of spatial relationships. Even though there were 6 people on the stage, it seemed day took up entire space. It also remind me of BINGO Games.
  • I think group 1 decided not to change original theme – sounds.

Questions and Answers

Q. What is specificity,tempo and theme, in your own word?

A. Specificity is Being clear and precise for an audience. For example, when our group was performing, there was a performance that You Jeong was the major. We all gather around her and she slowlystands up, moving(palming) her hands. That  could become the audience’s wow moment because she worked with specificity. In terms of Tempo, The only speed allowed in performance is extreme speed. Extremity draws attention. Theme is an overall topic that the audience can be empathetic and interested in .


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